Affect pivot point in edit mode

I really don’t know what you want.
The solution for the direct pivot transformation was already showed here several times on this topic with gifs and whatnot. I don’t understand why you keep talking about the 3d cursor.
Doing stuff with the 3d cursor is not what people want. It doesn’t matter if gizmos are added to the 3d cursor, it will never be the direct transform we are requesting. The 3d cursor is good for certain things but not for this.
We should focus on the proper implementation of this feature and stop talking about the 3d cursor, really.

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@ThinkingPolygons: I’d wish you’ve read more carefully, your post is needless as you simply got it completely wrong. Yes my impression is too that most of us including me tend to prefer a direct control. But as some continously disagree and as it doesn’t really matter to have an additional control type in form of the 3dcursor. I wanted to show that both controls can coexist. And so I wrote down some lines how this could look and how and when the 3dcursor could be used in the future as its related the change we are asking for.

The truth is both solutions don’t interfere. If there is a direct manipulation via a gizmo lock or a modifier key etc, there is no problem if those people that are used to or prefer to use a 3dcursor to have an option to tweak it with the 3dcursor that way too. You would not do that, I would not do that. We’d use the direct option. I haven’t changed my opinion and am still asking for the same thing you want. I talked about a “non mandatory” usage of the 3dcursor for this case and other similar things like that in the future. To make the 3dcursor a “tool” or a helper and nothing else. That progress has started already as the 3dcursor is in fact an activateable tool. But I’m still asking for that direct solution. There isn’t more to it. I’m not familiar with blenders code and I am sure the 2.8 changes are keeping them still quite busy, but I can hardly believe that such a direct option would be that much work to implement. Especially not since it’s already there for origin manipulation. But I think Blender is sticking to the 3dcursor as it has been a main feature in the past.

It says:

Transform gizmos for 3D Cursor tool should be visible by default

What does that mean, always visible even when we use Object’s Gizmos or only when u switch snapping mode to 3D Cursor?

william, have been the old grease pencil behavior dropped? That a tool is only active when the user press a key. Give to the user the option to use in the tools that he wants could be a good feature for this. Or this is only something that must be implemented in each tool?

Hi @billrey. Yes that change is highly appreciated. But do you get our point on this? I asked @ideasman42 some days ago the same question. I think it’s not that a big thing to allow direct control on the pivot. Now is there a chance for that? Many good statements have been brought up and I am sure we’d all would be there to help flesh it out. You have a very engaged community here, that most times argues based on valuable experience. I think this deserves to think about what has been proposed and give us some valid official feedback on it, otherwise this discussion won’t really make any more nameable progress I think.

Brilliant. I was just about to make a request for this -

So is an upcoming new feature to be able to place or snap the object origin to a selected element while in object edit mode?

I for one hope so, I have added an option in my Precision Drawing Tools (PDT) to set the object origin to the Cursor location in Edit Mode, the cursor can be positioned in all manner of ways already, like to a selected vertex, or select geometry beforehand, using either Blender or PDT tools:


The Tool Origin to Cursor does this, but does not move the geometry relative to World Space.

Cheers, Clock.

The Problem you’ll have many different systems, in Object Mode you can move the origin with just a hotkey while other modes you’ll have to use the 3D cursor with Gizmos to pivot. and the Sculpt mode will probably need a new temp Pivot Point with Gizmos to change it so you’ll end up with inconsistent system that users have to learn to use each differently, when it can just be one click button for the 3D gizmos and works in all modes.

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@John1, Hi John, I’m not sure, if you think I might disagree, then you got me wrong. I fully agree with you, these cases should have a control scheme that works in a in a similar way. And I am fully with you that the direct control proposal fits everywhere and is in all 3 cases straightforward to implement. It’s the best solution for that and implementing it is a must for me. It’s faster in its workflow and it is in a row with almost every other complex 3d app out there.

I have to think of one of brechts arguments in the “workshopping middle mouse emulation” thread.

He wrote here: Workshopping Middle Mouse Emulation

It’s a different topic and to be clear with that, his statement was not meant to relate to this discussion at all and I don’t know what he thinks about this. But that direct control is a defacto standard in so many apps out there. And beside the fact that I think that it’s in this case also the superior solution, its last but not least the expected way to do this. I find that argument very fitting here as well.

Even more, it serves the goal to make blender more mainstream in how its used. That’s benefitial, the more people adopt it, the brighter blenders future is.

But if someone wants to setup the 3dcursor to setup pivot points in edit mode, why not. The 3dcursor is a helper tool, and with a good new gizmo not a bad one, it could do that too, not as fast, but it could. Some people out there will think of that like William and Alberto, and will want to do that with the 3dcursor.
So why not, it just should no longer be mandatory for such usecases.
It could very well be an optional alternative if someone insists on using the 3dcursor for that, or thinks its the better solution in a special usecase.
I don’t see the 3dcursor fit well into the sculpting workflow, so I’d restrict it as it is now edit mode and object mode.

I said it before, the 3dcursor is like what a ruler is for drawing, its a helpful tool. But noone would want to be forced to use it all the time while drawing.

But we all are just repeating ourselves. It’s time to hear what the devs think about this, I still fear we will just get an update with a 3dcursor gizmo and thats it. So please could someone gives us feedback on how its seen by the devs. Otherwise this discussion will endlessly go in circles.


Hello, this is the best thing since ever, finally moving the origin. I used a script for years until 2.79, now finally coming into blender 2.81. Please see my concept and i would be very pleased if you make an Origin-mode , like inside normal or edit mode, see the gif attached. My old Pivot Mode works very well, please transform this into 2.8. Why not putting the button inline with the horizontal or vertical ones? Why should i open ->Options->Affects only ->Origin. Just please make one button for the origin/pivot mode(press -> start origin-mode than G ->move , than press again ->apply) and we are done. They put so much stuff in Blender now, but you cannot move the origin, that is not ok.

The pivot-mode addon should work like: PivotMode
Here is the add-on for 2.79 so you can see how it works: PivotMode Add-on

i just put the animated for the pivot-mode…

My reply was this:

Yes some people did not agree. But my impression is most people prefer a direct control method and a certain constant minority would like to be able to get it done with a new mode for the 3dcursor.
What would be the most work to implement, would for sure be to add both methods . With just a single option to control it, i guess it would be more work to embed such functionality it with the 3dcursor, but anyow it’s possible, the direct and the 3dcursor method wouldn’t really interfere. I’ve suggested that as a compromise and it seems that has not been criticized any more.

To be clear here most if not all agree that the direct control is the faster one and many of us think about it as being a must. It could be kept very similar to the edit origin only mode.

A direct control would be a modifier key that’s been hold to affect the pivot itself by the gizmo and not let the pivot/gizmo affect the geometry. ( can be seen here :point_down:)

and or a bool toggle included within the gizmo itself as can be seen here:

I wrote some lines about a solution including both methods:

For completeness 3dcursor proposals can be found here: ( Some more changes would be neccessary to the gizmo to clamp pivot and cursor together)

and some early thoughts by me:

I listed some of the inherent drawbacks of a 3dcursor solution here:

John1 mentioned correctly that the direct control ist the only one that really fits object mode, edit mode, and sculpt mode, so this should be the favored option, that most of us think of that implementing it is a must

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@ideasman42: sorry this thread has gotten lenghty. But the essence is not very much and should not be such a big programming overhead, especially if compared to how central and important this feature is while modeling.

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Have they come up with a good solution yet? Sculpt mode desperately needs it.
i hope Pablo comes with a solution that’s similar to Zbrush, because Blender is not just like your typcial 3D Softwares anyway.

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Finally i find this thread, and it’s silent for a year… one word:

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maybe this script can be useful to you. Mind you, I did it! Which means that it is very much a stupidly simple script and has a lot of shortcomings (e.g. only works with meshes atm, and the operator is in the mesh menu, not in a popup menu…I planned to fix that, but never did it), but to me it is useful. Try it if you want, and see if it is useful to you. Any feedback is appreciated.

hey! thanks for responding, i am kinda new to blender, i tried to run the script in script editor but it doesn’t create a button in the mesh menu, like shown in the screenshot, any idea what am i doing wrong?

it is an addon, sorry. Make a .zip file and then install it (within blender, press f4 --> preferences --> addons --> install). Don’t forget to enable the checkbox after installing to activate it.

Hope the developer come back to rethink about how its important this topic, if it was special or specific we understand but this function has on every single app. this will speed our workflow specific for people who do modeling everyday.

you can control Origin in object mode which is nice.
what missing the ability to control in edit mode.
this can solve all the problems, and people can pick this workflow or the cursor workflow.