Video Sequence Editor - a list of ideas

Internal Video Handling:

Internal Audio Handling:

Internal Architecture:

Integration with other Blender areas:

Default Settings:


Strip behaviour:

  • Transform Strip: Currently, on zooming, it renders the original first and then zooms on that part. This makes pictures blurry even if they are high res photos as it doesn’t use the full pixel information available.
  • Import images in correct aspect ratio:


2.8 Overlays system:

  • Keyframes as overlay

Channel Headers:

Context Menu:

  • Make the Context menu actually context sensitive, ex. a menu for playhead, handles, strips, empty area, effect strips etc.
  • Find inspiration in the context menus of VSEQF:



  • Look at node editor for inspiration for an updated look on the edges and outline shadows strips etc.
  • Better design of the handles, so the size is not that dependant on the strip length, maybe as square brackets.
  • Make it optional not to view entire path to file on the strip – is is also available in the strip properties – and not needed on the strips: RCS:
  • Use the same colour for selection as the rest of the UI. Yellow/orange outline for selected, but not active.
  • Draw audio-f-curve with g-pencil on strip:
  • Change mouse cursor depending on context ex. trim left, right or both, slip, slide, insert, overwrite, draw audio f-curve.

Audio Monitor:

Strip Manipulation Modes:

Select Mode:

  • Just as it is now, but plus handle selection.

Trim Mode:

Mouse Cut Mode/Razor/Blade:

  • Continued cuts under the mouse cursor, with live preview.

Audio Mix Mode:

Colour Correct Mode

  • Or should it be a colour correct workspace?

Keyframes editing mode:

  • Moving/adding/deleting keyframes In VSE editor

Design Proposals:

GSoC Proposals:


I remember seeing this on a google doc, is it the same list?

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@tintwotin this is really very useful, thanks you did this

I call your attention here @iss @GDquest

First and foremost, better playback performance and faster rendering, then everything else. :wink:

It is an edited version of that list, but it was doing no good in a document pretty much no one had a link to.


Very useful list.
in the “Internal Audio Handling” i would add subframe audio editing:


The old Right-Click Select proposal seems to be gone (

Here’s a new attempt: