Design Proposal: Text Strips

The current alignment feature of VSE Text strips keeps resulting in bug-reports, which are dismissed because the Anchor function working as intended, however it’s not working as the users expect, which is an Alignment function.

Here’s the problem in a nutshell:

Ex. Reports:
(There are also older ones, but I rather not spend too much time on this)

The surprising thing is that the text alignment feature(auto-center) was already implemented by Antonis Ryakiotakis in the first Text strip patch: as showcased here:
However it was removed in this patch, and replaced with option to center Anchor X:

So the question is if this should be reinserted as a Left, Center(in patch), Right(new) alignment enum with the classic alignment icons from a text editor and the current Alignment X/Y should be renamed to Anchor X/Y(which it is)?

The current Layout UI:

Additional suggestions for improvements:

  • The Wrap Width of 0 means no wrapping, which is puzzling to users. A more consistent solution with the rest of the UI, would be a checkbox to enable Wrapping instead, and written as percentage as the values below.
  • The location is written in percentages of 0 > 1 values, a true percentage writing in the UI would be writing those values as 0% > 100%
  • The default values should produce a standard looking subtitle in the default 1080p resolution.
  • Text outlines and text box(+opacity) options would be useful to produce standard looking subtitles.
  • Add option to view text box outline and anchor point in preview(this will make the Location/Anchor X/Y options much more understandable.
  • Use ‘\n’ for line breaks, until a multi/line widget is added to Blender.

A mock-up: