Quick Hacks for the VSE - a list of suggestions

VSE C Quick Hacks
A list of suggestions

  • Correct linked_handles to the current function to be assigned to (Left/Right setting) to Mouse(which it actually is, but currently must be set to NONE to work).

  • Add LEFT and RIGHT settings to linked_handles so they can be added to the menu: Select > Handles > Linked Left/Right https://developer.blender.org/T6882

  • Expose currently active hover state state to Python API, so context sensitive menus and mouse cursors can be added to the VSE.

  • Add hover states to all VSE elements like: Strip-types, handle, adjoined cuts, empty space, playhead etc.

  • Make the Time Sidebar Panel use meaningful values.

  • Limit negative values in the Time Panel so strips won’t turn inside out with extreme values(ex. out value before in value)

  • On import, detect resolution, colorspace, timecode and aspect of source clip.

  • In import panel, add checkbox to copy source resolution, colorspace and aspect to Output Dimensions. Default on for first clip like the fps checkbox.

  • Add sort in Filebrowser after timecode.

  • Expose Source Aspect, colorspace and fps in Source Sidebar Panel(Code is already in Movie Clip/Motion Tracker)

  • Support drag and drop of multiple files.

  • Add option to drag and drop at mouse cursor position.

  • Delete Proxies(Code is already existing in Movie Clip/Motion Tracker). https://developer.blender.org/D6139

  • Add ‘Adjust Last Operation’ to the VSE(already implemented in most areas in Blender): https://developer.blender.org/D6210

  • Select all strips at playhead position and expose in menu: Select > Playhead > Current.

  • Box select handles: https://developer.blender.org/T70730

  • Meta, Adjustment Layer and Scene strips can have both Video and Audio, but audio attributes are missing. The sound sidebar panel needs to be exposed too for these types of strips and also drawing of waveforms on the strips.

  • Scene Strips: Separate Camera Override(using the currently active camera in scene) from Selected Camera. When a camera is selected it is currently not possible to go back to Camera override mode.

  • Menu > Strip > Add Modifier should work on the entire selection, when selected in the menu, but not when selected in the Sidebar > Modifiers menu(unless +Alt is pressed).

  • Speed Effect Panel: The Speed Factor widget needs limits. When in Frame Number, then limit to Number of frames of the active strip. When in Speed, limit to positive values. When in Scale limit to values between 0 and 1(or use a % scale of 1->100). https://developer.blender.org/D6110

  • Add a SMPTE widget for timecodes ex. 11:22:33:44 https://blender.community/c/rightclickselect/c0cbbc/

  • Remove strip names and paths(texts) when strips/channels become too narrow to contain them.

  • When displaying many channels, avoid numbers being written on top of each other.

  • Add channel headers, so channels can be selected, locked and muted: https://developer.blender.org/D6107

  • API: Add ability for python to pause/resume the ‘strip collision’ detection (like happens in the grab operator) so a python function can move a large number of strips without blender moving the strips up and down.

  • In the Color Strip Sidebar panel, add palette options as in the Brush Color Picker.

  • In the Strip tab in the Sidebar, all functions should work on the full selection when +Alt is pressed. Ex. changing the color of a color strip with +Alt pressed should change the color of all selected color strips.

  • Add splice function to remove cuts from the same strip with consecutive frame numbers over a cut.

  • Expose the ffmpeg options add command line option to the API.