Open Chat for (new) developers

Hi everyone,
I offer an open chat on Google Meet for people who like to get involved or are new to Blender development. The day / time is changing everytime, to give everyone a chance to join.

As Development coordinator, I help with docs, on-boarding, planning, communication, recruitment, project coordination and so on.

The open chat is for you when

  • you want to get involved with Blender development and have questions on how to get started…
  • you are new to Blender development and need help submitting a patch, finding a reviewer or a project to work on…
  • you are a contributor already and want to discuss something, have questions, concerns…

The open chat is not for you when

  • you are a Blender user and need help with the software or ask for a tutorial
  • you have a feature request or want to know when GPU rendering will work on your XY GPU

The next open chat is scheduled for:

  • Thursday, 29. February, 10:00-11:00 CET (Central European Time), (Your local time: 2024-02-29T09:00:00Z2024-02-29T10:00:00Z)
  • Link to join

This is an open and public video chat and everyone is welcome to join. If you prefer to have a private 1:1 chat with me, please contact me via and we can figure something out.


This is amazing! Love the initiative. Will make sure to at least drop by.

Small unimportant sugestion:you could use some tool so the timezone conversion is more comfortable, I think devtalk’s “Insert date / time” changes accordingly with timezones.
I’ll test it here: 2021-11-29T15:00:00Z (in my computer it says 12pm, if it doesn’t in yours, it might be working! it should say whatever your equivalent to 16hs CET is)
Otherwise, there’s always the option of using something like this.

Anyways, great to see this! Hopefully it can helps make blender more welcoming to new developers :smiley:


Thanks, it shows 8pm for me. I added the feature to the original post. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to saying hi!

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Had a wonderful chat! Patiently answered all of my questions :laughing: and made me feel super welcome! Would advise anyone interested in a more direct and human response to questions on how to get on the blender developement train to go to the next one! :smiley:


Thanks for your nice feedback @Gorro_Rojo ! :slight_smile:

The next open chat will be next week, on Tuesday. (Exact times in the first post). I will rotate the days and times a bit to give everyone a chance to join!

See you there!


Thanks as well, I could join for a little and got some great pointers, highly recommend people with questions to join!.


I was so lost with Blender code until I had a meeting with @ThomasDinges . He’s very kind, patient, and willing to answer beginner questions. I recently submitted my first patch to Blender and I couldn’t have done it without Thomas’ help. He also helped me afterwards via chat, going above and beyond. Blender is blessed to have you, Thomas! Thank you!


Are these recorded by chance?


Thanks a lot for your kind feedback @KevinBurke, I really appreciate it.

@testure There are no recordings, but you’re welcome to join next week with your questions. :slight_smile:


Oh I don’t have any questions at the moment, I just find Q+A sessions to be enlightening since many questions come up that I wouldn’t have thought to ask


its nice question for better knowledge shareing

Ah, just found out this happens more or less 4am local time, which is around the American continent time, quite early morning. Maybe pushing another meeting or the time to the evening in Europe will help onboard and get a large user base from this side of the world also.

The Open Chat time/weekday changes every week.


Unfortunately saw this a few hours too late to join today but will definitely be joining next week!


This looks like exactly what I need. Hopely I can join in next week!

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On short notice, next Open Chat is tomorrow afternoon. (See first post).


@ThomasDinges thank you for hosting today. I lost internet half way through, unfortunately - had to talk to the phone company! Impeccable timing. But you clarified a lot of doubts I couldn’t find in the documentation - thanks again, love the initiative.


Thanks for the info!

I am glad I could help you and you’re more than welcome to join next week again.

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Hey everyone, just a heads up that this is still taking place (almost) every week. Make sure to check the first post for the next time / date. :slight_smile: