29 November 2021

29 November 2021

Notes for weekly communication of ongoing projects and modules.


Modules & Projects

Asset Browser

Geometry Nodes

New Features and Changes

Geometry Nodes

  • Node execution time overlay (commit) (Erik Abrahamsson)
  • Performance improvements
    • Improve multi-threading for medium sized geometries (commit, commit) (Jacques Lucke)
    • Reduce overhead with many nodes (commit, commit, commit, commit) (Jacques Lucke)
    • Optimize the Set Position node (commit) (Jacques Lucke)
    • Optimize Cube primitive vertex location calculation (commit) (Erik Abrahamsson)
    • Parallelize the Set Spline Type node (commit) (Erik Abrahamsson)


  • Allow manually setting the intended playback range for actions (commit) (Alexander Gavrilov)
    • Allow marking actions as cyclic for Cycle-Aware Keying (commit) (Alexander Gavrilov)

Mask Editor

  • Draw the active mask layer on top (commit) (Simon Lenz)


  • Expose direct light sampling option in Debug panel, tweak panel layout (commit) (Brecht Van Lommel)

User Interface

  • Improve scaling of widgets when zooming (commit) (Leon Leno)
  • Change the icon used for Blender files without preview thumbnails (commit) (Harley Acheson)
  • Replace .blend file icons, add “Current File” icon (commit) (Julian Eisel)
  • Performance improvements
    • Significantly increase the performance with many UI elements like nodes (commit) (Erik Abrahamsson)

Asset Browser

  • Catalog drag and drop
    • Support dragging catalogs into top level (commit) (Julian Eisel)
    • Activate catalogs when dragging (commit) (Julian Eisel)
  • Asset library indexing for improved performance (currently disabled) (commit) (Jeroen Bakker)
  • Add operator for installing asset bundles (commit) (Sybren A. Stüvel)
  • Generate light preview when making light object an asset (commit) (Julian Eisel)


  • Performance improvements
    • Increase speed of generating curve masks by 2-5x (commit) (Jeroen Bakker)

Video Sequencer Editor

  • Support drag and drop for data-blocks (commit, commit) (Peter Fog)

Weekly Reports