Open Chat for (new) developers

Nice, would love to join! Next one is a bit too early in the AM for me though, next time.

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Oh man, didn’t know this was a thing. Would love to join whenever the next one is!

You’re always welcome to join! I scheduled the next one for tomorrow now, see first post.


Wonderful! Thank you very much :smiley:

I completely forgot that it still works :upside_down_face:

There was no Open Chat in the last two months, but with GSoC starting again, I will offer it again for the next few weeks at least.


I don’t know why, but I’ll try to go for a heap :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Ah, a week has passed, I forgot to catch Tuesday (for some reason my brain thought it was Friday) :upside_down_face:

@modmoderVAAAA See above, the time is changing every week.


Hello everyone, when will the session scheduled for today start?

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I see you already joined. It started at 14:00 :slight_smile:

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