How Can I Find a Tutor For Development?

Hello, folks.
I’m a newbie to Blender development (and to C programming, in general).
Could someone suggest the best means by which I could reach out for a knowledgable tutor, as this is a specialized area?
Thanks very much.

We do not have the resources for 1:1 tutoring, there’s just too few of us, there is a monthly video chat for new developers but I’m unsure when the next one is @ThomasDinges be your contact point for that.

If you have targeted blender related development questions you are absolutely free to ask on these forums. But the scope has to be rather narrow and blender related.

Thank you for the quick and candid response!

Try posting it on the jobs sections of instead.

Thanks, Kurk!
I tried that and got a lot of helpful responses already.

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