Blender has been accepted for GSoC 2023

Hi everyone,
Blender has been accepted for Google Summer of Code 2023. It’s the 18th time Blender participates in it, since its start in 2005.

Key points

  • Every newcomer to open source or student who is 18 years and older can apply.
  • Two project sizes are possible. Medium sized projects (~175 hours) and large projects (~350 hours) are available this year.
  • It’s possible to spread the project out over a longer period, rather than the previously (pre 2022) mandatory 12-weeks schedule.

How to Apply

You can find all relevant information on the Blender GSoC wiki page.

If you want to work on a project (you can pick one from the ideas list or suggest your own project), it’s highly encouraged to get in contact with Blender developers early to discuss it. Follow the links on the Modules overview page for contact information and more.


If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them in here or on the I am happy to help people with onboarding and to get started. There is also a weekly open video chat, which you can join with your questions.

Best regards,


I like to give a short update in regards to expectations.

If you are an interested contributor, please put some effort into reading the information provided (see first post). Every project is different and I happily answer specific questions but getting various messages over the last two weeks in the form of “Hey I am X and I like to contribute, please tell me what to do” is not very convincing.

No one is expecting you to know the Blender code in detail or specifics about the tools and workflows that Blender has, but lots of this information can be found by simply using a search engine.

Familiarize yourself with Blender, read the code, setup a build environment, pick one of the good first issues and work towards your first contribution. Get involved on the chat and engage with other developers. GSoC is not only about code, since everything is handled online good communication is key as well. Once you mastered the basics, you can browse our ideas page or contact the module teams to suggest your own idea. Please discuss your project ideas as early as possible, the submission opens on March 20 (deadline April 4), but no need to wait until then to ask for feedback. Don’t expect feedback two days before the deadline anymore.



Hi Thomas,

Thanks for opening this thread. I saw on the idea suggestion page that I could contact the developer teams to discuss my ideas. I wonder what is the best way to do that (as I don’t see the contact information for suggested mentors). Should I just post here or contact you via email?


Hi Tianhui,
you can ask your questions here on this thread or on the chat. You can join the #gsoc2023 channel there and depending on the project you’re interested in, I can connect you with devs or relay you to the module team channels for code questions.

Best regards,

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Thank you! Just joined the #gsoc2023 Channel.