Blender has been accepted for GSoC 2022

Hi everyone,
Blender has been accepted for Google Summer of Code 2022. It’s the 17th time Blender participates in it, since its start in 2005.

The program is a bit different in comparison to previous years. Key points:

  • GSoC is not limited to university students anymore. All newcomers of open source that are 18 years and older can apply.
  • Two project sizes are possible. Medium sized projects (~175 hours) and large projects (~350 hours) are available this year.
  • It’s possible to spread the project out over a longer period, rather than the previously mandatory 12-weeks schedule.

Check out the Expanding Google Summer of Code in 2022 post for further details on this.

How to Apply

You can find all relevant information on the Blender GSoC wiki page.

If you want to work on a project (you can pick one from the ideas list or suggest your own project), it’s highly encouraged to get in contact with Blender developers early to discuss it. Follow the links on the Modules overview page for contact information and more.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them in here. I am happy to help people with onboarding and to get started. There is also a weekly open video chat, which you can join with your questions.

Best regards,


Hi, Thomas.
Is it posible to use the GSOC for bug fixing? or its goal is to develop new features?
I know the Blender’s philosophy is not to add more and more features, but to have all the current tools working fine as they are supposed.
I’m following the development (yes I daily read hundreds of mails) and there are many (known issues and) bugs to fix.
Is it possible to use GSOC to heal the current Blender versions?
Thank you!

Hi Carlos :slight_smile:
Fixing bugs isn’t the best project idea for GSoC. Especially old reports aren’t easy to solve and usually require extensive work or even a refactor of the area to solve them.
You don’t have to work on new feature though, improvements in existing areas
are also a good idea. I suggest to take a look at the accepted projects from the past years to get a better idea.


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Hi Thomas,
I’m interested in contributing to the Blender Foundation during this period of GSOC 2022 and beyond. I’ve been coding in C for a while now, but I have not had the chance to work on a real world project, so I think this is a great place to start.
I have been able to clone the blender project but I have not been able to built it yet. I’m using a macOS Catalina version 10.15.7 and when I try to build I get the following error

Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 9.18.33 PM

but when I check of xcode-select the version I get a result;

xcode-select version 2373

I have also tried to reinstall xcode-select but it doesn’t work because it’s already installed in the command line tools. I am quite confused on how to move on from here and I’ll appreciate any help I can get.

Thank you :smiley:

Hey Tambe,
Unfortunately I am not sure how to fix this, since I don’t have a mac here. For build issues I suggest to drop by blender-builds on the chat for help. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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Thank you.
I’ll do that :slightly_smiling_face:

Update on this,
I succeeded to build the project. I had to manually install an earlier version of xcode’s command line tools which is compatible with my computer as using xcode-select install didn’t work


Hi Thomas,
Graduating high school senior this year; just learned about GSoC today. New to Blender devtalk. Never done open source before and I am not sure if I will qualify this year because I am pretty late, but I will try this year! At the very least, I would love to develop my skills for next year :slight_smile: .Possibly, I’d like to attend a weekly open video chat or have a 1:1 to get a feel for starting my own open source projects (whether GSoC or not)… I am an extremely new developer… I couldn’t quite understand when the next meeting will be or access a link to a 1:1, could you point to these if you are willing to?

Thanks for considering this message,

Hi Riley,
GSoC submission deadline is the 19th April, so there is still a few days left. Any area that you like to work on in particular?

If you’re just looking for a easy to work on task (outside of GSoC), please take a look at out Good First Issue list.

Time / Link of the next Open Chat can be found in the thread: Weekly Open Chat for (new) developers

Best regards,

Thanks for responding Thomas,
I couldn’t attend today’s (yesterday’s) Open Chat because of my time zone. I’ll keep on the look out for the future ones!

I don’t think I’ll do GSoC this year because I still need to brush up on OOP and Data Structures as an incoming college freshman.

As I get my skills up to the task, I look forward to staying involved the Blender development community and for GSoC 2023!


Friendly reminder, that the submission deadline for applications is tomorrow, Tuesday, 19 April 18h UTC. Please make sure you submit your proposal on the GSoC website in time if you want to participate.

Hi Thomas! Does Blender just accept four projects this year as opposed to 8-10 in previous years?

we accepted four projects this year, you can find an overview on the wiki: GSoC/2022 - Blender Developer Wiki

There are various reasons for that. First of all we didn’t get as many applications in the first place this year (other organizations observed something similar). And finally we settled for four projects because the remaining ones weren’t convincing, very brief (mostly copied from our ideas page, without own additions), had an unrealistic schedule or people didn’t communicate well (or at all) with module teams before hand.

Best regards,


Hi, @ThomasDinges thanks for clarifying.
Do you have some news on the schedule of the program? When does the actual code start? Are all the accepted projects going well?

Hi @EvertonSchneider
you can find the timeline on the GSoC website. Coding officially starts on June 13th.

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