Blender user interface design

By default in 2.79 ctrl+x do dissolve for selected elements. Would be cool to remain this. For instant deleting may best double tab to X key?

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About 2.8 UV editing work space, there seems no “tool icons” in left side tool section of 3d view edutir and UV /image editer windows. (clear seam, mark seam, and UV unrwap options)

Though I found those commands in header (or bottom) menu of 3d view or i can use short cut. but I believe, work space is desigend to find and use tools which correspond to current work type. Most of new user may serch those UV tools in tool sections.

We need, uv tool buttons, when we choose “edit mode” with “UV editing” layout.
I do not against we keep UV menus in header of 3d view editor, but I can not approve
remove button to set seam , or unwrap button from 3d view.

Please compare 2.79UI

we only need one-click those tool button, to set seam and unwrap after we select " shading tab." in tool shelf. though there is no uv command in header.

About current 2.8 UI, with UV edit layout, we need to go header>UV>mark or clear seam.
it need at least 2 step. for each uv command.


Don’t know if it was discussed before, and maybe I just dont understand something, but I’m totally confused with selections in outliner. For example here is my screen and I have selected mesh Cube.002, but why there is also bright line on Cube.061, also Collection 2 is brighter, than current in which I work right now and there is also another Cube selected. Maybe I don’t understand some logic yet, coz I’m learning blender not long, but it’s really can’t help you to understand with which object you working right now. Maybe it can be improved somehow? or just help me please to figure it out whats going on here, coz I always spend a lot of time to finding my active object in the outliner =)Screenshot_18


It is not clear enough what there is and what there is not selected, as I have said before. I made some proposals Outliner, Better visualization of the selection, proposal I think it’s still important to be very clear which things are selected and which are not. And here is the other link where you can see the conversation of the colored icons: Colour coded icons


Yeah maybe it would be better to keep CTRl + x for dissolving but since the point of this to make deleting more simple and less clicky. Just a single x could delete it away and double tapping x could open up the menu. Right?

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Yes this needs to be more clear. One of the issues is that there is a preselection highlight that doesn’t disappear when you move your mouse out of the outliner. You’ve also run into a situation where you have one object selected in the outliner and another in the viewport. I still haven’t found a use for this functionality.This combined how how many steps it takes to multiselect objects in this editor makes an otherwise great outliner difficult to use.


Yes, it is very confusing for new users. I thought blender 2.80 would make the outliner better in this regard but sadly it wasn’t the case.

Thank you guys for the answer! Hope it will be improved maybe after the 2.8, or I just will try to get used to work without outliner))) My colleague told me that he always worked in blender just in viewport, and before 2.8 you couldn’t even do anything in the outliner, you couldn’t rearrange objects, parent them and so on) At least now it’s better in 2.8)


I also had to get used to working without the outliner, I wish I could have a functional outliner.

Well, there could be at least “Shift” function (selects from first selected to the last) :disappointed_relieved:


you can use B key for the rectangle selection in the outliner. But yeah, I also think shift would be better

Yeah I mentioned this already a couple months ago.
To Implement Industry Standard shortcuts when interacting with lists of things in blender (including outliner, vertex groups list, shape keys list, etc):

Ctrl + Left-Click = add single to selection
Shift + Left-Click = add to selection everything in-between first to last selected including both.

At the time no dev replied… maybe this is more work than we imagine for 2.8. But let’s keep mentioning this, maybe for 2.81 and forward versions we will have it :slight_smile:
Also, a rightclickselect suggestion may go a long way.

(This is the post: Outliner suggestions - #2 by Evandro_Costa)


Hi @billrey, here is another proposition I missed to tell you in person on bconf :slight_smile: Clicking - selecting through gizmos: Proposition: Make Vertices Selectable again :D Right-Click Select — Blender.Community


i saw some proposal that you guys are going to add a heat preview for proportional editingheat
also means that the preview circle should be shown first before moving and not after so it works like loop cuts tool.


Because that mew T panel is “active tools” nonsense…

YES. This is how it is in other programs, too, right? Not 100% sure, but I seem to recall it being one of my first frustrations coming from Maya years ago.


I work with maya everyday and i cry everyday because of gizmos :cry:


This is brilliant! I proposed it to the team and I hope there is time before the beta to squeeze it in. Maybe there could be one for Viewer Node I guess? Maybe it’s too much. But Render at least should be there.


Seems the icons for the selection are inverted.

Also, the current option should use a freeze icon and it could be nice to have a select button to select by type visible in the viewport.


I have a few questions.

– Are you going to give the possibility to use the ctrl+scroll to scroll through the list of possible pivots like it is in 2.79 ?

– And why do you set the Normals menu (with Auto Smooth and double sided option) is closed by default ? It is a menu we use more often than the adding shape keys (or morph targets) menu.

– There is also a trick that makes the workflow slow, in the particle system, to succeed in finding how to change the default rendering by an object, you have to open several sub menus, you get lost easily.

– Why in the outliner, the default collection is closed by default ?

– Is there any possibility to use CTRL+Scroll to go to others tab ?

– Is it planned to reintegrate the “Stay clicked at the same time as moving” on the icons allowing to access the tool options, render, output, view layer, scene, world… ?(Like in 2.79)