Outliner suggestions

The outliner has already come a long way but there are a few things of the top of my head that are still missing.
Since the Outliner is currently the only way to view the scene in a hierarchical manner, this is quite important for a workflow release especially for very large scenes.

  1. Sync Selection with 3D View
    An option to synchronize the selection. What is selected in the outliner should reflect what is selected in the 3D View and vice versa. Right now if you hit “A” or Box select, it doesn´t select anything in the other view.

  2. Shift select a region
    Select first item and shift select the nth item, it should select all items in between. Especially useful with very long lists.

  3. Mouse drag select on the name
    Similar to Box Select but without hitting “B” first.

Some of the suggestions are supposed to come with the new industry standard keymap but I thought it deserves its own topic.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it and maybe other suggestions.



Agreed. Also Ctrl+Select for multiple scattered selections like it is a standard on every OS. I’m also not sure if this is part of the “industry standard keymap” changes planned.
Currently if you click Ctrl+Select, you enter a Rename mode for the second object selected instead of adding it to your selection. While Industry Standard is Selection+F2 to rename an object. which I think should be the norm here as well.

I agree with this as long as you first are clicking on an empty area first (like the area below or to the left of the collections). If you click first on an item and then drag, current item-drag behavior is great and should not be touched IMO. Example:
(minus the little corner triangles for expanding/joining areas)

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I would love to left click select and drag on the name as well but I would be happy with this solution too.
We could use left click on the icon to parent (as it is now) and middle mouse button on the name to move to a collection.

I agree with you both. Making Blender’s UI build on what the operating system has already established is the best approach. It’s less to learn, less to remember, and saves a lot of digging around in documentation/tutorials when we should be getting on with the creative stuff we all came here for.


I agree on everything…easy things easy way! If its not obvious and must check manual its not right! As in older 2.7xx

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@pablovazquez @brecht
Is it planned to synchronize the deselection between viewport and outliner?


Oh so this is where I suggested shift and ctrl+click to add for selection… thanks for remembering me Zebus :sweat_smile:

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I so much totally agree with this thread suggestions (the 2 first at least) !

Concerning the third one though I am totally down for it, but they would need to make the middle click the dragndrop feature like maya to make it work, maybe you ask too much at the same time ahah.

PS: I hope they make it for 2.8 because it really messes up with new comers like me those un-intuitive stuff.

I had to search on Youtube a tutorial to select multiple item in a list…, and five minutes before I had to search on Youtube a video to understand how to close a panel and not create 20 unintentionally…

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Graphical, layer based programs often allow for duplicating layers while holding alt. This allows users to duplicate an object or collection by dragging with alt and to drop it at the destination of choice. Currently, the closest one can get is to assign alt+Left mouse dragging to duplicate an object or collection, but this does not allow one to drag & drop the duplicate. Using hotkeys is another option, but in certain situations require to hit a hotkey to duplicate and drag & drop the duplicate in the collection of choice, which requires more inputs.

Please allow modifier key + drag and drop to duplicate objects or collections in the outliner.

There are several means to isolate objects in the outliner, unfortunately you cannot hold alt and click on the eye icon to isolate one object/ collection. This is an industry standard for graphical, layer based applications. Using the right click menu or a double key hotkey will always be slower to activate.

It would be an intuitive solution to add alt + Left mouse clicking the eye icon to both objects and collections to either isolate an object or a collection.

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