Blender user interface design

Speaking about render layers… Is it possible to change the way how you reach render result? For the time being you need to enter view mode and search for Render Resoluts in pictures/textures sea. Is it possible to add just Render Mode in View menu?


Yes, it’s definitely annoying having it there

If one object is in bounding box in the viewport, it should stay in bounding box if you set the wireframe mode.

Actually, it shows the wireframe and it’s not what user wants.

Same for the wireframe option.


Guys, this is what we need in the 2.8 wireframe, to be able to leave it this way, making the Xray disappear. With this way the annoying can be avoided the effect of dithering: Blender 2.8 Wireframes Suggestion


If bound is activated, I don’t want to see the wireframe, if I want to see the wireframe I choose Wire
instead of bound.
The bound option is now useless and it’s bad.


We’re not saying that wireframe-activated bound is a good thing. We say that activating the bound leaves the wireframe clean for life that we really need the modelers without being bothered by the XRay. In other words, what they must implement is the same option in wireframe mode.

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There could be an option saying: Keep Bound View in the overlays below wireframe checkbox (if checked).

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How about removing annoying popups in edit mode when every time you hover a cursor near any manipulator and it says: “bla bla bla this is a move too you can move items with it”? I wan’t to see popups with python tooltips, but i don’t want to see captain obvious tooltips on stuff like manipulators. This thing wasn’t there in 2.79 and it was fine as it was.

Speaking of widgets and gizmos stuff - why there is no option for for making manipulators handles thicker, where is the Hotspot option btw? It was in 2.79 but now it’s gone for some strange reason. If you added planar handles for move/scale manipulators where is the option for tweaking their offset and sizes? it’s a straight forward thing to implement.

Why Preferences in 2.8 exists in form of a separate window? there were so many talks on forums about blender’s “superior” windowless layout so that now it actually uses separate windows - that’s awesome! why not to make it’s ui like any other modern applications with dockable panels, shelves, and toolbars which can be easily filled with desirable tools via drag-n-drop, like in photoshop, maya, zbrush, 3ds, max, cinema etc? Why are you messing with those clunky hardcoded side pannels with colorful icons which only python nerds will be able to customize, why not to make it normal and more universal from the start?

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Yeah, please get attention on this

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Hi Everyone,

In Blender 2.8 there are many shortcuts have changed, some removed. So, I’m here to propose a keyboard shortcut reference popover in the help menu. That would be helpful for the existing users to know which shortcuts have changed. and also for new users will learn the shortcuts from the popover. If the shortcut reference UI has a “shortcut key” that would be really helpful to every blender users.

Here is my Idea in a visual format:

Thank You :slight_smile:


Vertical Properties Editor Tabs in recent blender build is nice.
little problem when not enough room. scrollbar is blocking tab

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I just realized, trying the new layout of the buttons that between changed icons, no more colors and the vertical arrangement, I do not understand anything anymore :joy:
my mind is telling myself: “nice, you’re fucked, you have to reset everything and start all over again”

I think the vertical alignment is interesting, but it deviates from the rest of the UI quite heavily.
Useful, but it feels like it clashes with the rest of the UI’s design language.

Similar issues with the right-align of the single column layout. Every time I stumble using it because the readability is incredibly confusing. Everything in the UI is left-aligned, except for that panel.
Would it be an option to have a setting in the User prefs to right, left and justify align that text?
I understand some people thought the double and triple layout was confusing, but now we’re left with a panel that takes up ~2/3 of the vertical height of a widescreen monitor and has a lot of scrolling up and down.

All the other UI improvements are great, but I keep stumblimg on the properties panel over and over because it feels disjointed from the rest of the UI. It’s also one of the most active parts of the UI in many workflows so it might be good to have flexibility.


I like the vertical properties tab a lot and personally would like it to stay like this only thing am messing there are the render buttons from the scene tab. I feel that they were very handy there.

I’m all for a vertical tab, but I’d like to have one. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: A little glitch in the current build.

I had the same issue, but it was only when I opened one of my file, so I loaded it without “load UI” activated, don’t know if that will help for you.

I propose to make everything more symmetrical.


In Blender currently we have to click “x” and choose from a menu to delete in edit mode. This could be simplified easily I think. Just pressing “x” after selecting an edge/s or vertex/vertices would just delete it away with any faces linked with it If it’s a face you selected than it would delete that faces or faces. Pressing “SHIFT + x” would dissolve edges, vertices, or faces. And “CTRL + x” would bring up the traditional Blender “delete menu”. Comment any suggestions you might have to perfect this idea. And if any developer decides to implement this in Blender please let me know in the comment section, cause otherwise I’ll be on tender hooks xD. Thanks.


Yes. This would speed things up nicely.

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Yeah, overall I like the new direction, but it definitely doesn’t feel consistent. We have:

  1. Vertical icon tabs
  2. Horizontal text buttons
  3. Dropdown lists with text and icons
  4. Dropdown lists with just an icon

What if all editors had tabs that could be collapsed into a menu responsively when space is small? As you shrink the window it would go:

Tabs with icon and text -> Tabs with just the icon -> Menu with text and icon, -> Menu with just the icon.

That way we could quickly switch between object and world shaders in the shader editor like before, we could avoid the cramped feeling in the 2d animation workspace, and it would all happen automatically.