4 March 2024

4 March 2024
Notes for weekly communication of ongoing projects and modules.

Modules & Projects

New Features and Changes


  • Alleviate long loading times in large files (commit) - (Jesse Yurkovich)


  • Use GeometrySets to import data (commit) - (Kévin Dietrich)


  • Unify Keying node between CPU and GPU (commit) - (Omar Emara)
  • Unify variable size blur between CPU and GPU (commit) - (Omar Emara)
  • Unify plane anti-aliasing between CPU and GPU (commit) - (Omar Emara)
  • Enable lock-free GPU context activation on Windows (commit) - (Sergey Sharybin)
  • Enable lock-free GPU context activation on macOS (commit) - (Sergey Sharybin)


  • Remove support for writing crash.blend file (commit) - (Jacques Lucke)
  • Remove support for writing MemFile undo steps as .blend files (commit) - (Jacques Lucke)


  • Provide resample functions that don’t depend on field evaluation (commit) - (Falk David)


  • Increase minimum target on x86 to SSE4.2 (commit) - (Thomas Dinges)
  • Improve reporting of HIP texture allocation failures (commit) - (Alaska)


  • Add light support for refraction closures (commit) - (Clément Foucault)
  • Specialization Constants for Film Accumulation (commit) - (Jeroen Bakker)
  • Make denoising roughness correct for refraction (commit) - (Clément Foucault)
  • Reduce volume probe blending and remove remapping (commit) - (Miguel Pozo)
  • Add Shadows PCF (commit) - (Miguel Pozo)
  • Refresh when resizing area light via gizmo (commit) - (Jeroen Bakker)
  • Avoid same multiplication to the same constant (commit) - (Clément Foucault)


  • Line Art Modifier (commit) - (YimingWu)
  • Armature Modifier (commit) - (Lukas Tönne)
  • Time offset modifier (commit) - (Lukas Tönne)
  • Show Line Art options in Object > Add menu (commit) - (YimingWu)
  • Draw tool side panel (commit) - (Casey Bianco-Davis)
  • Isolate Layer keymap (commit) - (Pratik Borhade)
  • Envelope Modifier (commit) - (Lukas Tönne)
  • Draw tool set caps types (commit) - (Casey Bianco-Davis)
  • Draw tool (commit) - (Casey Bianco-Davis)
  • Copy and Paste operators for copying strokes and points (commit) - (Sietse Brouwer)
  • Select mode in Edit Mode keymap (commit) - (Pratik Borhade)


  • Speedup reverse UV sampler (commit) - (Jacques Lucke)

Geometry Nodes

  • Add link drag search items to store named grid node (commit) - (Hans Goudey)
  • Add volume grid creation nodes (commit) - (Hans Goudey)
  • Add volume grid conversion nodes (commit) - (Hans Goudey)
  • Add node tools warning when shape keys are removed (commit) - (Hans Goudey)


  • Improvements to position and normal draw extraction (commit) - (Hans Goudey)


  • Expose ordering of links in multi input socket in Python (commit) - (Jacques Lucke)


  • Add deprecation warnings to GPUBatch program usage (commit) - (Prakhar Singh Chouhan)


  • Add interpolate radius option for curve radius (commit) - (XDzZyq)


  • Changes to Props Dialogs (commit) - (Harley Acheson)
  • Change UI Name of Outliner “Orphan Data” mode to “Unused Data” (commit) - (Harley Acheson)
  • Manage Unused Data Operator (commit) - (Harley Acheson)
  • Remove excessive padding in asset shelf catalog selector tree (commit) - (Julian Eisel)
  • Add label to sculpt symmetrize options (commit) - (persun)
  • Add Title to Extensions Repo Popover (commit) - (Harley Acheson)


  • Support implicit-sharing in memfile undo step (commit) - (Jacques Lucke)


  • Explicitly skip auto-save when in modes that don’t support it (commit) - (Jacques Lucke)

Weight Paint

  • Expose all pose mode selection tools (commit) - (Campbell Barton)

Weekly Reports