2024-02-27 User Interface Meeting

User Interface Module Meeting

Regular User Interface module meeting for planning and coordination. Last meeting was February 13th, next meeting on March 12th.


  • Julian Eisel
  • Hans Goudey
  • Harley Acheson

Merged Since Last Meeting

To Be Merged

High Priority Bug Reports

In Review


  • UI: Screen Area Docking #104665
  • Extensions Platform UI #118733
    • Mostly good, needs tweaks, and input from Dalai
  • Sergey mentioned a desire to have temporary windows (Preferences, Render, etc) not saved/restored. So far I am not finding a good way to do so. On load, differentiating between initial windows and later ones, bscreen versus wmWindow and that bscreen holds “temp” flag. On saving, that code is cryptic and the same bscreen versus wmWindow. Harley needs pointers.
  • Lots of discussion on workboard changes for inclusion of planning items.
  • Discussion of HIG Structure.
  • Undo history items, could try adding timestamp at right.
  • Themes. A small number of items that override multiple items might work.
  • Backend code that creates glyph placement data from complex strings could be a nice start.
  • Some icons could use some work.
  • Make list of all the confirmations to see if we want to remove some.

Tests and Toys