10 June 2024

10 June 2024
Notes for weekly communication of ongoing projects and modules.


Hello all, I’m Sean Kim! I’ve been contributing to the Sculpt, Paint, Texture module for a bit now, and today is my first day on a development grant for Blender, focusing on that and some Multi-Res improvements. I’m based in the rainy Pacific Northwest of the US in Seattle. I’m excited to continue contributing to an amazing application and community!


Modules & Projects

New Features and Changes

This is a selection of changes that happened over the last week. For a full overview including fixes, code only changes and more visit projects.blender.org.


  • Implement 3D viewport keyframing functionality for layered actions (commit) - (Nathan Vegdahl)


  • Remove viewer crosshair to set tile priority (commit) - (Habib Gahbiche)


  • Change portable install folder to portable/ (commit) - (Brecht Van Lommel)


  • Improve light tree with large spot blend (commit) - (Weizhen Huang)
  • Tweak area light sampling to improve numerical robustness (commit) - (Lukas Stockner)
  • Fallback to area PDF when spherical rectangles are too small (commit) - (Lukas Stockner)
  • Implement blue-noise dithered sampling (commit) - (Lukas Stockner)
  • Clamp sample number during viewport navigation to max samples (commit) - (Lukas Stockner)
  • Only store per-pixel seed for vertex color baking (commit) - (Lukas Stockner)


  • Remove EEVEE-Legacy (commit) - (Clément Foucault)
  • Alias/remove legacy RNA material attributes (commit) - (Jeroen Bakker)
  • Parallel static shader compilation (commit) - (Miguel Pozo)
  • Compile probe passes in parallel (commit) - (Miguel Pozo)
  • Parallel specialization constants compilation (commit) - (Miguel Pozo)


  • Draw Tool: Smooth post-process option (commit) - (Falk David)
  • Draw Tool: Add separate “Stroke” panel (commit) - (Falk David)
  • Draw Tool: Stabilize Stroke setting (commit) - (Falk David)
  • Brush strength conversion (commit) - (Falk David)
  • Draw Tool: Make “Simplify” option a screen space threshold (commit) - (Falk David)
  • Don’t use unified paint settings for draw tools (commit) - (Falk David)

Geometry Nodes

  • Free old bake when starting new bake (commit) - (Jacques Lucke)
  • Extract accumulation function in Accumulate Field node (commit) - (Jacques Lucke)
  • Support matrix socket in accumulate field node (commit) - (Jacques Lucke)
  • Support link drag search for capture attribute node (commit) - (Jacques Lucke)
  • Use instance transform as default in Set Instance Transform node (commit) - (Jacques Lucke)
  • Expose instance transform field as default input for node groups (commit) - (Jacques Lucke)
  • Resimulate current frame if it’s the last cached one (commit) - (Jacques Lucke)


  • Import multiple Alembic files at once (commit) - (Guillermo Venegas)


  • Improve handling of invalid collection/pointer editing. (commit) - (Bastien Montagne)

Node Editor

  • Add overlay to automatically label reroute nodes (commit) - (Leon Schittek)


  • Open node property panel by default (commit) - (Jacques Lucke)
  • Don’t show custom color panel for reroute nodes (commit) - (Jacques Lucke)
  • Improve temp viewer from Connect to Output (commit) - (Damien Picard)


  • Adjust Extrude Mode option descriptions (commit) - (Sean Kim)
  • Optimize mesh wireframe index buffer creation (commit) - (Hans Goudey)


  • Reorganize mesh sculpt mode menus (commit) - (Nika Kutsniashvili)
  • Show Passepartout When All Overlays Off (commit) - (Harley Acheson)
  • Make sidebars slightly wider (commit) - (Pablo Vazquez)
  • Rename Import SVG to Import SVG as Grease Pencil (commit) - (Guillermo Venegas)
  • Add title to tree view context menus (commit) - (Pratik Borhade)
  • Add new TAG icon (commit) - (Pablo Vazquez)
  • Add tooltips for texture shader node inputs (commit) - (Bartosz Kosiorek)


  • Implement native Unicode support (commit) - (Jesse Yurkovich)
  • Add MaterialX shader export (commit) - (Michael B Johnson)
  • Use panels for Import and Export (commit) - (Jesse Yurkovich)


  • Improved handle tweaking (commit) - (Richard Antalik)
  • Rounded corners for timeline strips (commit) - (Aras Pranckevicius)
  • Copy strip opacity when adding effect (commit) - (Richard Antalik)

Weekly Reports

Google Summer of Code - Week 2