2024-06-10 Extensions Project


  • Campbell Barton
  • Dalai Felinto

Recent Changes

These are the changes related to the add-on and theme which used to be bundled with Blender:

System Repository (done)

  • Hide the “Clear After install” option.
  • It is okay to keep the “Custom Directory” there (update it to work).
    This makes “System” synonymous with read-only.
  • Support read-only file-systems.

Refresh All (done)

  • [BUG] It is printing an error at the moment if I run it from a fresh install: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ~/.config/blender/4.3/extensions/blender_org'
  • [BUG] It is also printing the same error if I run it for a Local repository.
  • Proposal:
    • Rename “Check for Updates” to “Refresh Remote”
    • Rename “Refresh All” to “Refresh Local”
      … tooltip can explain details for what this actually does.
    • Move “Refresh Local” after “Refresh Remote” and remove its icon.

Blocklist (done)

  • [BUG] The unavailable add-ons should be removed via do-versions, instead of listed under Missing Built-In Add-ons:
    • ‘coat_applink’: It has depedencies and won’t be on the extensions website.
    • ‘depsgraph_debug’: It has depedencies and won’t be on the extensions website.
    • ‘io_import_images_as_planes’: Integrated with Blender
    • ‘io_scene_x3d’: It was enabled by default before, it is still available on the extensions website.
    • ‘io_mesh_stl’: It was enabled by default before, Blender already ships with a superior STL I/O.

First-time dialogs

  • For now implement the “Drag in a extension URL from a repository not added yet”.
    The option to add the repository.
    • It doesn’t need a chained operator, instead it expects users to drag twice (once to install the repository, once to install the extension.
      Dialog text should make it clear a second drag is expected.
  • The “Drag in a extension URL from a unknown repository” just needs a better error message now.

As much as we wanted a more wizard-like experience when first dragging an extension while Blender was still offline, this is taking too much time. We decided to wrap this up with the changes proposed above, to free time for the other planned UI changes.

UI Changes

Although any user interface change should be avoided during bcon3, the following changes are still planned:

  • Install (to Remote Repository) from Disk #122302.
  • Add-ons tab #122735.

I can’t help but notice a distinct lack of any reference to Rigify in any updates lately. Plans?


Hi Anthony,

@angavrilov is the current Rigify maintainer, and asked around on the #blender-riggers.

From what I read there he hasn’t change his position about maintaining it directly on the extensions platform.

Most of the points raised there were about offline availability, which are addressed by the System local repository and the change to make previously installed add-ons easy to install from the extensions website.

He also didn’t reach out to me about it afterwards, which lead me to believe he is ok with the current course of action (rigify on the extensions.blender.org).

OK, Thanks for the info/update.

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