Release cycle: Now at 4.2 Bcon3 (and 4.3 Bcon1)


We have now entered the next phase of the release cycle.

Blender 4.2 LTS development continues in the blender-v4.2-release branch, for bug
fixing only. Blender 4.3 development started in the main branch, for new features.

For more details on how to commit and merge, see Stabilizing Branch . Please read this carefully!

Please focus on bug fixing in the next few weeks, to make sure Blender 4.2 is in good shape.
I also like to remind everyone that high priority bug reports have to be fixed before working on new features for 4.3.

During bcon3 patch review is highly encouraged. Please try to get a pair of
eyes on your changes before they are sent to blender-v4.2-release. For
Bcon4 (July 10) patch review is mandatory in the release branch.

Thanks everyone.

Best regards,