2024-06-06 User Interface Meeting

User Interface Module Meeting 2024-06-06T15:00:00Z

Regular User Interface module meeting for planning and coordination. Last meeting was May 21st, next meeting on June 18.


  • Habib Gahbiche
  • Pablo Vazquez
  • Hans Goudey
  • Harley Acheson

Merged Since Last Meeting

High Priority Bugs


Design & Discussion

  • Talk of the change to 4.2 BCon3
  • Module organization
  • Projects and time allocation
    • We might want a mechanism to assign (and allocate time to) issues/projects to Harley.
  • Decimal precision issues. Although we have control over number of decimals displayed to users, it might work better to show full digit precision instead. For example, if set to max (7), we would show 6 decimals for 1.234567, but only show 3 decimals for 1234.567. Worth thinking about.
  • Region 2D Zoom Issues
    • When regions are zoomed we also scale some other items in relation to it. So we have big tooltips, small popup menus, big enum menus, small popovers, etc. Would be nice to establish rules for this. There could be an argument for never scaling interface items based on parent’s zoom level.
    • Tooltip Sizes
    • We are going to make changes to this within 4.3. First change is to never scale tooltips. We do want to do so for all items that pop up from scaled regions, but doing this as we like might look odd in some circumstances to requires careful consideration.
  • We decided to remove the “Widget Label” text style (using Widget for it instead). We might want to add a new text style for tooltips. Those are currently using a size that is scaled down from widget which can cause accessibility issues.
  • UI: Draw Outliner Lines Wider If Collection Has Color #122120
  • WIP: UI: Camera View Drawing #117117
  • WIP: UI: Bidirectional Text and Complex Shaping #104662

Since camera overlays have been added to the overlays menu, the Alt + Shift + Z shortcut now toggles off the camera passpartout along with all overlays
I’m not sure that I like it because I often want to keep the camera passpartout on even when all other overlays are disabled
Is there a way to keep the camera passpartout independent of the overlays toggle?


This is issue: #122612.
This will be addressed with PR !122577.
The PR should be on the Review list or Merged.

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i mean, if the passpartout is an overlay, then it should disappear when you turn off the overlays. So technically it is working as expected.
if you want the passpartout to be independent from the overlays toggle, then this checkbox must be removed from the overlays panel and be added elsewhere

It is logical, but not so pleasant to work with in practice that’s all I can say about it.
Maybe we can make an exception for it, so it would stay in the menu but won’t be turned off by the hotkey command, I don’t know.

not a fan of this kind of hacks tbh
the overlays is already a mess. it turns off stuff that are not even in the panel
it will just make things worse imo

we can either embrace it as an overlay from now on (im ok with that) or remove it and leave it as it was before. otherwise whats the point

The point is I want to be able to continue to see the camera framing without having to continually click multiple check boxes to hide/show all the other widgets and labels.

like i said, remove the thing from the overlays panel and youll get the old behavior back

why put something in the overlays panel just to not obey the global toggle? this kind of weirdness must be avoided


Question, is there a way that the user can choose the decimals displayed on the Measure Tool? or it’s hardcoded?
Does this have to do with what you mention?

It is related, but this stuff can be hard to articulate well…

This is never really about the amount of numbers displayed after the decimal place. 32-bit float values can store numbers with about 6.92 significant digits, and this refers to all the digits in the number. We currently use that as a maximum of 6 (but arguably could be 7).

The measure tool is currently showing you the maximum precision correctly when the scene units are set to Metric or Imperial. This is why a small number might be shown as “2.50132 m”, 6 digits, but a larger number will be shown as “3339.27 m” since that is all the precision we have with a number of that size.

Weirdly we display things quite incorrectly with the unit system set to “None”. So you can see numbers like “3339.267334” which can make users think there is more precision than there is. Those last three or four digits are nonsense.


Very well explained, thank you.