Tool settings are on too many places

It have the same problems that the TopBar had.

  • Info really hard to find
  • Few space, a lot of operators needs 15-20 parameters, other needs hundreds, not only 2-3.
  • Dynamic Multiple rows is a bad solution. A panel where you can’t figure the position of the elements is a bad solution.
  • Visually is a problem because is a constant popup for users.
  • Last Operation and tool settings still having same problems, active tools are not operators. A lot of inconsistencies.
  • Probable it need a lot of API changes. A lot if we think that devs didn’t change simple elements like menus of scene/viewlayer because lack of time/resources and you are asking by a floating panel. When it was a main problem of blender.
  • A lot of people still asking for the N-panel with tool-settings for a lot of reasons.

Try to think, what less than 10 guys think in a forum is not what thousands of user want in the real life.

I get the idea. popover tool settings definitely has cons.

Plus let me clarify that I posted completely different ideas as well and I don’t believe the ideas suggested here would be the best solution. It’s just about thinking and brainstorming how Blender could get better. One of the reasons why Blender is awesome is because there is a huge user community, and the thread within it shouldn’t be disregarded as “less than 10 guys”.

What I do believe though is that the initial post is very persuasive and the tool UI duplication problem actually exists.

Like you said, the current tool settings in the header also cannot show more than 3 parameter in some cases(for example when the workspace is divided into two horizontally like this) which is a problem. It shouldn’t be kept that way. Currently, it’s not so user friendly.

The objective of the header was never to show all the options of a tool, but to give access to the most common or important parts. In the same way that in photoshop we don’t have access to all the tool options because we want to use the brush.

It is not a problem because there is simply NO SOLUTION to this. There are addons that need hundreds of options, presets, different “tabs”… and there is no way that one row can fix this in a good way.

Currently there is only one panel that really repeats itself, which is the one we have in the sidebar and in the properties editor. Returning to the photoshop example, in photoshop you can configure many parameters both in the toolbar and in the panels to configure the brush. And nobody has died, at least as far as I know, for this reason.

Yes, some can repeat a thousand times that adjust last-operation is the same as the active tool options but it is not, no matter how much it is repeated. An active tool is not the last operator used.

And as already said, the only coherent and functional solution is to remove the property editor. Because it doesn’t make any sense, but obviously some users don’t want this either.


Let’s add a new ‘Window’ Tab to the N-Panel that acts like any other window in Blender. It would be split-able and can house Editors.

Below is a simple Mockup…