Tool settings are on too many places

3dsmax, for example…

Other apps only can do it because you have a node system, and nobody have put any complain about redo panel in years.

3dsmax doesn’t count really. :rofl: That’s the worst 3d app available at the moment (workflow/UI wise).

But yeah, it seems like c4d is the best at it, as you can do all of this in the same panel, no need of nodes or anything.

I totally agree with the initial suggestion of this thread. tool settings should be unified inside the N sidebar because tool setting is per viewport, not global. Properties editor should only show properties of the item(which exists globally), just like 2.79.

Also, putting the tool setting inside the header doesn’t seem like a good idea…and this is why.

  1. Many other editors instead of 3d viewport doesn’t have this concept and consistency between editors is now gone.
  2. Header should be only one line. User shouldn’t be like “Let’s see, what I’m looking for should be at the bottom of the header…”. Buttons divided into left(menus), middle(pivot stuffs), right(view setting stuffs) is a bit complicated already, although it is usable at the moment.
  3. Tool settings at the header needs quite a few clicks to make it hidden or visible (while N sidebar needs just a single N click). When not using the tool, it is very likely to be a waste of precious space.

Additionally, yes, not-rounded corners of the N sidebar looks outdated. This should be handled as soon as possible before the UI freeze.


This of course is very logical and makes a lot of sense, but:

All default workspaces have the Properties editor, probably most users have this editor open all the time. Also, for example, this editor can be placed on a second monitor, so it is more flexible in general.

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That is not a good example… People can use the toolsettings bar to reduce space used

Toolsetting go back to npanel because basically didnt work in properties editor. Also, i think that people that defend properties editor never will use the program to paint without the tool settings bar.

In this particular “not a good example” (but real), the tool settings bar also do not work, only 3-4 settings can be displayed there.

It can be solved with a little redesign. Also that you can scroll it. Like you need to made with properties editor

This is a good example, and the reality of the n panel, and how unusable it is.

The topbar bar can never and will never be a good place for settings, it’s just impossible.

Wrong, the tool settings is mirrored in the n panel just because of the full screen users. It works and it will always work best in the properties editor. That’s why it’s located there on most 3d apps.

Let’s see, let’s not be liars because then you won’t convince anyone… To begin with, the example given by jenkm is a falsehood, for many reasons.

  • First we had to go to a layout where only this happens, the texture paint. Layout where BOTH panels show exactly the SAME tool, although it is being redesigned and therefore there is discrepancy. So having a Sidebar for each editor is to manipulate the situation.

  • Then above has shown both sidebars wider than they come by default, so as to eat more space unnecessarily.

  • Shows both T-shelfs unnecessarily when they show the same tools

  • You have deactivated the overlap region on purpose, in order to have more screen space occupied.

  • You don’t want to use the tool-settings bar simply because you don’t want to, because the scroll needed to use it is much smaller than the one needed to show all the elements in the properties editor.

Yes, I could show this to tell that N-panel is a shit that don’t enter in my 2560 monitor, but I don’t

I could show how all controls of the Brush don’t enter in properties editor.

But I preffer to show how all controls are perfectly showed in a 1080p monitor without lost any thing that user have in context menu

Excellent! Well done developers!
I’m not being sarcastic or anything like that. I really like it.

Just I would like to have the option of being able to deploy N panel from the left, perhaps interchangeable with Active Tool (T) panel to the right

you can do, but you need to move to the blender2.79 keymap and use F5 hoykey, or create your own hotkey

Well, this would be indeed a good thing if tool settings was something that works both horizontally and vertically, and can be drag and dropped around the UI whever user wants it. Right now, it’s on 4 different hardcoded places, not really customizable that much aside from hiding/showing it.

Being able to put tool properties anywhere is one thing, but seeing it at multiple places at once, being confused about what belongs to what and occupying UI space by displaying duplicate controls, that’s whole another thing.

Thank you. And why that very useful customization feature is only available by default for 2.7x keymap? :thinking:

@Rawalanche, I agree with request as long as it adds more customization possibilities for each taste of different users. I do not agree with proposals to remove this or that just because a user is upset because something is duplicated. I do not mean just you, also the N panel haters for example. If you do not like it, do not use it. After all, many of them are just tabs that you can ignore. Following this same alignment of thought, I also agree that there should be feature parity between all the possibilities.

I dont know, we ask for put the option in some menu or context menu. It was a common hotkey in 2.79

Are you following the news?
The tool settings in the properties editor is not the same anymore, now it only shows the settings of the tools of the viewport only, this means that we are forced to use the n panel no matter what. I’m still trying to find a way to fix this “bug”.

Besides, there are settings that only exist in that panel. So there’s no choice here, if there was, I would never touch that panel anymore.

I had expressed this:

I like this Only show All bevel options in the Active tools ( Not on the Left down panel and properties panel ) when click bevel icon or Ctrl + b.

Well , add a little transparent (not pure dark black background) for looking at 3D viewport.

Only in the Active Tools means looks clean, quick change( the distance between mouse point and options is short ).

Right now, I don’t know why all bevel tools options will be disappeared when done bevel.
it can not change anytime. If I do wrong , have to undo , undo, undo again.

And Right now, Not all bevel options on the Active tools and properties panel. Why not all options ? What’s the mean exit half of options ?

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I agree, this has been a confusing point for me as I have been learning Blender.

To be honest, the tool system in Blender 2.8 is still incomplete. This is not the good time for UI freeze in my opinion…

Pressing B is a good example of this.

  1. If you press B, you are doing bevel but not using the bevel tool. Settings are inside the redo(left bottom) panel.
  2. Pressing the bevel button on the toolbar, you are using the bevel tool. Settings are inside the header, sidebar(N) and properties panel.

This Tool duplication problem between the hotkey tool and toolbar tool applies same to the 3D cursur tool, inset tool, etc. Duplicated tools don’t even share the settings together.

Maybe the solution to this is adding temporarily active option to the tool system, which replaces the current hotkey tool. It should be enabled when you activate the tool with its hotkey, such as B for bevel. If temporarily active is checked, clicking anywhere will deactivate the tool and clicking enter key will reactivate the tool.

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Why would you bevel the same edges twice? Think about it. You would change your selection in between the bevels, so the redo panel would not exist any more.

The original design document for the top bar had exactly what @Rawalanche is suggesting. It had the redo panel mixed and settings for your next operation in one region. It’s a good way of doing it in my opinion. There is no reason to have all of these settings related to the tool all over the place. I would say we need the redo panel all the time and when you make a new selection, it is no longer a redo panel but a DO panel. And you can drag the bevel width slider and the edge selection is beveled interactively, just like you clicked and dragged in the 3d View.