Suggestions for Blender 2.8 from a Softimage guy


I come from a Softimage background. Been using it for 15 years and will be switching over to Blender eventually.

Here are my suggestions to help improve its intuitive workflow.

  1. Left Click Box Select inconsistencies between Object mode and Edit mode.
    The Box select should remain ON when in Edit mode with the control gizmos turned on. This way I can select/deselect components on continue editing them on the fly. If I want to deselect, then I should just be able to select on an empty space. Less clicks this way. I shouldn’t have to click B to make a new group selection.

  2. Would be nice to be able to edit smooth subdivided (Ctrl+1) models directly without having to view the low sub and high sub meshes on top of each other directly when in Edit mode. This would make the view port less messy. Softimage is a good example for this. Let me know if you need a reference for this.

  3. Selecting components behind objects that are not in camera’s view. Right now I can only select what is infront of the camera. I have to click A to select all components. The only way for me to select all components is by mouse is to switch to wire frame view. If you want to keep it this way, then you might as well make it optional so that I can select all components by mouse drag box select even when in shaded mode.

  4. Highlight holes on Meshes when in Edit mode. Right now, if my geometry has a hole, it’s not immediately noticeable. Adding different highlight colors to edges of holes will make it more obvious and your eyes will pick it up immediately.

  5. Right click to apply and exit tools. Right now, if I use the Knife tool, I have to click on Enter on my keyboard to apply and exit the tool. It would be even more intuitive if I could apply and exit the tool via mouse Right click.

  6. Clicking B will enable the old Box Select tool. But it is usable only once and will disappear afterwards.It should be turned on permanently just as if I clicked on the icon on the top left shelf.

  7. Last but not least; Keep up the good work ! :wink:


    1. don’y really understand the 1 point. But if u are talking about active tool deactive tool like in modo that is really bad and slow. so nope.
    1. u can already do this? just click last icon in moddifier section.
    1. eehh in 2.79 there was option that if u hold alt… it showed u list of objects that are overlapping under your selection and u could choose what u want to select seams they delated this. dunno why… but yeah 2.8 is full of bad decisions so far.
    1. dosn’t outline do this? u can enhance in in theme settings
    1. this again i don’t really understand.
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Box select is first thing I went to fix.

Easy to do just go in keymap, mesh, change tweak for translate, move, rotate, scale, and anything else you want to view3d.select_box. Add more tweaks for shift and ctrl click (add & subtract) and whatever else. Be sure to add the modifier first or it will merge.

Add another event for mouse click,, and another for shift (difference) etc.

If somebody thinks it’s slow they can worry about themselves while you do your own thing. I feel sorry for these people who constantly defend the unconventional workflow, and didn’t expect to find one in the dev forum.

It’s open source, waiting for anyone to change it however they want. All the hard work has been done and is continually being improved upon. You are free to change it back to the old or forward to something new.


Wait i think i understand.
So the problem is that. with the tool bar box. when u make selection and u make another one the prev one got’s delated so to add selection u have to hold shift VFX standard.

however if u use B shortcut it acts like shift is turned on for the whole time. is this what u are trying to say?


I just uploaded a video showing what I mean. Hope this makes things more clear to the developers.

Thanks again,


Right click is in almost apps cancel.

The problem with Select Box is a problem with the design of active tool, yes, it’s hard to understand.

That might be so, but which is more intuitive ? The method I presented in my video or the current method ?

I didn’t see the video (12 minutes and I’m using mobile data). But for me cancel, of course, video games, apps,… all use right click for cancel or context menu.

The box select issue has been requested many times here, but no luck.

Several ways to solve this, but…

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That’s a silly excuse in my opinion. Blender has always been different than other apps, but different in a negative way. Only now it is beginning to improve with 2.8. You can be different in a good and better way. Sorry but that’s just a lazy excuse to not evolve.

It’s not a lazy or silly excuse. You have asked me what seems more logical and the most logical for me is what 99% of human beings do, more when all other blender tools work the same.

left click - confirm
right click - cancel

You want to change the whole world just for the knife tool? Well, okay, but I don’t see that making sense.

I’m suggesting this should be applied to all tools similar to the knife tool.

You are saying 1+1+1+1 = 4, because this is industry standard.

I’m saying you can change the industry standard by evolving and thinking outside the box and take into consideration that 2+2 = 4 also.

Which requires more clicks ? My method or yours ?? Clearly one is more intuitive than the other.

First, I told you that I cannot see your video… So, if you don’t explain the exact behavior it’s hard that I told you my opinion. But if you ask me what I prefer, I answer. If you don’t like my answer it’s your problem, not mine. But not told that my answer is lazy or silly only because you didn’t like it.

Second, I didn’t tell that it’s an industry standard. I told that is a universal behavior standard. In all OS, also in iOS, click with two fingers is cancel/undo.

I don’t care in the number of clicks in a rare tool like knife that you use few times and the cancel/apply use few time, I don’t remember more tools with this behavior, but will be few. And break all coherence in the hotkeys and break an universal behavior in all design only for two/three tools where you will save 20-30 seconds each day is not a good deal, for me, at least.

If you want to apply, you can use the space, if you want to cancel, you have the ESC key. If you don’t want to use the keyboard, why are you talking about speed and efficient.

Then you should watch the video first and then comment.

  1. as stated above “The problem with Select Box is a problem with the design of active tool” Devs are aware of that. A lot of people requested that, so i’m sure they will find a way to fix it.
  2. Did you try this option? 123
    Or that’s not what you need?
  3. You can select through objects in “object mode”, but not in edit mode. You can try X-ray (alt+z - hotkey) maybe it will suit you better than wireframe mode.
  4. You can try “select non Manifold” option. (you need to be in vertex or edge selection mode to access it).
  5. I just tap space, closer than enter (blender is highly customizable, you can easily change all of this to your preference).
  6. It’s pre-2.8 hotkey. It wasn’t meant to be used that way.
  7. Tip - if you find something that you use alot and it doesn’t have hotkey, you can always right click “add to quick favorites” and then Q to access QF menu. Or right click > “assign shortcut” to whatever button you want.

couldn’t you read that part of my commentary, that is near to 40% of the post, before call it silly or lazy?

essentially (for the first part of the video) because blender is born and has always worked well with the right click select …

and now these inconsistencies that describe, emerging because they are trying to adapt blender to work even with the left click select …
and at the moment it is more comical than functional :slight_smile:

but probably the devs are aware of it and will correct the shot …

am also old ex XSI user and I can safely tell you that the classic method of Blender with the right click select in general plus the use of “combo” shortcut … is infinitely more faster than the use of only the mouse to manipulate the geometry …
both with blender and with XSI
just a suggestion and not a funboy observation :slight_smile:

for the rest XSI was superior to blender in all …
RIP to him


Yes, I tried that and it worked. I suggested in the video that it would be more convenient if it was activated automatically when the modifier is added.

It’s a solution and it works, thanks for the feedback.

It would be nice if this was automatic though. The goal is to make it more automated. Blender can keep the Select Manifold option as well obviously. I’m no asking to remove it but to improve the current workflow.

I don’t think you understood me. Please watch my video to get my point. Space or Enter to apply is fine. What I’m suggesting is Right click to apply but keep the tool active.

Thanks for the positive feedback.

I hope so. If not at least I did my part by pointing it out.

Oh, about knife tool, you can just press E and it will do exactly that. Here is a list of hotkeys :

The most notable. “E” -new cut. Hold “Ctrl” to mid-edge snap. “C” angle constraint (depends on view). “Z” will cut through object.
If you need X-ray to be less transparent, you can tweak it here.

About highlighting non manifold geometry i agree, would be nice. But i think devs are too busy right now trying to make blender stable.