Left click select keymap

Haha, I forgot there are still some 3d apps out there with archaic selection workflows. :slight_smile:

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This work very well for me, but if we have some toggle option in tool settings to switch between on/off click and drag…

The way this works in 2.79 is that tolerant selection is used when there are absolutely no entire edges in the selection.

But if there is at least 1 entire edge in the selection it turns into not tolerant selection and only what’s inside gets selected.

I have to say I used this behaviour many many many times knowingly and having it under a checkbox would slow this down. Especially because having the tolerant selection work when Blender knows nothing would be selected is better than selecting nothing -> because you can always deselect if you didn’t intend that.


Rhino has an interesting approach to this:

If you select from bottom right it’s not tolerant
If you select from top left it’s tolerant


Thank you for the tip! So we actually CAN use the box select with the Transform tools! just go to Preferences->Input and from 3D View (Global) find the box select with the shortcut B and change it to Tweak Left Any and then under the 3D View->Object Mode disable(untick) all the tools (transform,move,rotate etc) you want to use with the box select.

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The difference of course is you switch to move, rotate, or scale mode and you can still box select. I hope this can be ironed out. I really like the concept of active tools, but in the state they’re in now, I probably won’t be using them much.

I really don’t like to have box select when using those tools.

But I guess something like this :point_down: would solve your issue, right?



forcing right click as context menu is so stupid… its stupidly hard to change the keymap as it was before with the right click being the active tool

really hard, there’s hundred of tools you need to remap, this change dont need to be so complex
please add an extra option in the input pref to choose if the right click is context menu or not…

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No. This is one of the best things that happened in Blender. All we need now is the ability to customize them.


no reason to force its use for other users, im just fine with hitting W like a lot of users

its not equal that right click users have still the other mouse button as an active tool and left click users have this menu by default,

for both !

we need to choose what we can do with the other mouse button in the input pref, thats it

Or, by left clicking or right clicking on the toolshelf you define what the right or left button will do !
so if theres a new context menu option inside of the toolshelf you just need to right click on the new context menu active tool and everytime you’ll hit right click it will activate the context menu

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Just get used to it, the old way was a disaster. :slight_smile:


That is a stupid argument.

Now you need twice as much time to do something as simple as positioning the cursor. Defending that is pure fanaticism or that you’re so novice that you don’t notice any difference.

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Duuuude, relax, I’m playing with blender for a long time now… and if you use several 3d apps at same time, you should know what I’m talking about… So better get used to it you too, you’ll see the benefits in no time…

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Something like this:


I’m relax, you are telling that an user must see how the workflow is damage in a real important way only because “things happens” and he must learn to live with it. I don’t want to see my daily work expanded in 1-2 hours only because you think that is normal and you don’t complain by any reason.


You don’t need to go back to the selection active tool:

Just select with LMB and do your active tool’s action with LMB. Or, set the active tool to some transform tool like it was in 2.7 and use shortcuts like before.

Active tools seem really kind of an extension to the gizmo in their behavior, it’s on top of the rest. But unfinished and clunky :confused:

please try with active tools that dont have the use of the “stay click function” like loopcut or extrude to cursor instead, you will see that it dont work at all

every tools can’t be used with this technique, its not future proof ,its not praticle ,it doesnt work… they need their own button,

aka the old right click for active tools

oh I missed that part :zipper_mouth_face:

(honnestly I use shortcuts all the time so I’m not used to that active tools system behond transform gizmo)

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But I guess something like this :point_down: would solve your issue, right?

This looks like a really good solution! I would love to be able to have the transform gizmo active, and only use it when I grab it, and select when I’m not grabbing it.

Also, this could mean that tweak, box select, paint select, and lasso select could all be one tool.

There doesn’t seem to be any downside, so I really hope this gets attempted.


Ladies and gentleman
THIS is how to make EVERYONE happy
Right click selecters too !

if the context menu is chosen as either of the two mouse click, the other click will have the “stay clicked system”

  1. im a left click selector that want to use the right click as a context menu:
    i have the context menu as the right click??? thats amazing im happy, i can do stuff like 3ds max users now yayyy!
    if an active tool is selected with left click i its the system we have right now, a drag system

  2. im a left click selector that want to use the right click as the active tool:
    the right click have now its dedicated tool for my workflow! amazing ! im happy!
    if i want to go to the context menu i just have to hit a button on the keyboard

  3. im a right click selector, amazing its also working for me! woaw, i can also decide to use the left click as the context menu??? coooool thats a new one ! im happy yeah

and thenafter, no one had to choose a side anymore
everyone is happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
and they can change going from left to right click super easely

okay i calm down now

my idea bring also other benefit to blender


Would be better and unique select tool that made all things, with a passive transform tool selected when you don’t have selected any thing.