Screen Operators





if someone wants to see the code:


i love this, especially the resize one it could be so handy !

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This looks great!

On some linux desktop environments you’re able to hold down the super key and right click drag to resize windows. Sometimes I find myself doing this inside Blender out of habit. It would be great if something like this were possible.

How do you have it set up to activate?


Thanks! For now, if I got you right, you can not activate it because it’s only in my build. It would be so nice if I’ll bring it to you by committing to blender source code. The thing is - I don’t know how I should go through that process

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By “activate” I meant what buttons do you have to press to start resizing the region.

Here’s some information about submitting patches:

In general, going to and pressing “Submit code” is the way to go.


Oh, you can assign any key to it. When the operator is called it works until you release the activation key or press the RMB or escape. With that, you can resize any area just like in Linux


I was just about to post this on RCS! I too find myself doing this inside blender all the time. :slight_smile: I’m using Ubuntu 19.10


Love it!! Exactly what the RSI doctors have requested!
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Should this be on Right-Click-Select?

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I’m about to cry :sob: This is beautiful! I’ve been using Linux for 15 years and since day one I wanted to do manage editors in Blender like windows on Linux.

Do you have any update on this? If you need any input please drop by, there is #blender-coders to ask developers for help or the #ui channel as well.

Thank you so much for working on this!



This improvement worth a million bucks, finally someone to make it so i can stop chasing precise that vertical and horizontal lines all the time. Thank you so much.

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BTW… @Harleya, yesterday I finally got a local build of Blender going. My first local compile under Manjaro linux just happened yesterday. Just in time to test some of these window border improvements. it’s been awhile since T64956, but I’m now ready to test some patches (unless my build attempt is bunk, and I just haven’t found out yet).

Blender’s ability to scale it’s interface is unmatched, and yet those pesky border selection/adjustments muddy up most everyone’s flow. @Hto_ya 's proposal is fun-tastic.


This is just black magic. I love it!

It’s missing the option to swap and popup viewports thought. And I would prefer if it was optional. While it’s great and I’m sure many users will benefit from this improvement I don’t mind the current implementation. It doesn’t bother me much since I usually setup my workspace rather fast and have proffered ways of working.


Actually after spending far too many uncountable hours down too many useless rabbit holes, I finally fixed that border selection issue with just a simple patch of just a few lines. LOL. Should be in master quickly.


I hope a new implementation of window management in Blender will take asymmetric merging into account:

This is a thing of beauty! I love it and I need it in my life. Those hairline split areas always drive me insane.
Does it support a nice way to split editors as well?

Hi everyone, I’m so glad that you like it!!
I’ve had a little break (sorry bout that), I’ll try to bring it to you as soon as possible


Hi, u can already split areas like a pro, just do the following:
RMB -> assing a shortcut

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I love it! Been waiting for something like this for soo long. Always find it hard to point my cursor at the corners.

Great! Look forward to seeing this in 2.90.


check this out