Forum rules

Welcome to the Blender Developer Forum - Devtalk.

What is devtalk?

Devtalk is a place for Blender developers to reach out to other developers and get help developing Blender and a place for Blender developers to reach out to the community and get feedback on ongoing work.

Is there a code of conduct?

The blender code of conduct available at Code of Conduct - Blender Developer Documentation applies to devtalk.

TL;DR: be nice to each other.

Please also follow the Copyright guidelines for devtalk

What kinds of topics are explicitly NOT allowed?

  • Support questions about using Blender
  • Bug reports
    • Bugs are hard to track on a forum and bound to get lost, use the bug tracker over at to report them, or use the Help->Report a bug menu item in Blender.
  • Feature request or feature request like topics.

The “no feature requests rule” includes, but is not limited to

  • Actual feature requests
  • I have an idea I want to share
  • I just want to talk about…
  • When will we get new feature X…
  • I found this neat paper/demo/twitter post online…

Basically, if it’s an idea without a developer attached to it, it won’t be allowed. If you are a developer and looking for feedback before starting your implementation that is totally allowed and highly encouraged.

But why? My idea is really good!

It’s a numbers game, there’s a rather finite number of developers vs a rather substantial number of people with ideas. If we were to take time to respond to every idea no actual development would be done.

Feedback sections

The feedback sections of the forum are a place for developers to get feedback on ongoing projects and gather feedback from users and other developers. Any feedback should be directly related to the patch/question at hand, i.e., don’t spam the threads with loosely or unrelated feature requests, you can suggest improvements, but they have to be suggestions related to the thing being worked on. Only developers can start new topics in these areas.

If you have feedback on a certain topic and there is no topic about it in the feedback section already, we sadly cannot take your feedback at this point and the best venue would be right click select, please do not start topics in the “contributing to blender” section of the forum or any other section, as they do not belong there and will be closed.