Dev blog's closed comment section redirects to Devtalk, is it still accurate?

Let me know if there is a better place to post this.

When going on a +15 days old post on the Developpers’ Blog (example), the commenct section is closed, and followed by:

In order to prevent spam, comments are closed 15 days after the post is published.
Feel free to continue the conversation on the forums.

I might be wrong, but I feel like this is an outdated solution from before that change of rules setting Devtalk back to “a place for Blender developers to reach out to other developers and get help developing Blender and a place for Blender developers to reach out to the community and get feedback on ongoing work.

If it is still the right place, where exactly in this forum are we supposed to post about a dev’s blogpost? None of the current categories and subcategories rings a bell to me, hence my first reaction of Devtalk not being the right place anymore. (Perhaps it needs one?)

If indeed outdated: which should be the new appropriate place for the community to keep reaching out to the devs about their posts on the blog? Ideally one where the authors of a blog post (or some form of intermediate) are reachable and somewhat present. Or if no solutions can be found in that regard, could it be considered to not lock the comments, or extend the 15 days period of open commenting?

Thanks and best regards.

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Depends a bit on the subject at hand, if there’s a dedicated feedback thread on the subject in the

section of the forum, people are welcome to respond well beyond 15 days, if not you’re essentially out of luck.