Devtalk category reorganization

Hi everyone,
the forum categories have been changed and re-structured. We hope to create a more focused place for developers this way, while making it clearer for users where ideas and bug reports can be posted.

The new structure is:

Category Content Subcategories
Announcements News, events, infrastructure changes, and other important information. Weekly Updates
Meetings Module and project meeting notes.
Contributing to Blender Help for developers, designers, writers and translators who want to get started with Blender development. Summer of Code
Building Blender Get help with issues compiling Blender from source.
Feature & Design Feedback Developers requesting user feedback on patches and designs.
Technical Feedback Developer discussion on technical topics.
Documentation Feedback and Discussion on documentation Technical Documentation
Site Feedback Feedback on the site itself
Archive (Read-only) Former “Other Development Topics”, also includes various topics that weren’t migrated to the new categories

Only developers and moderators can start new topics inside the bold categories.

The old categories are archived as read-only inside of the Archive category. Developers and Moderators can migrate active topics to the new categories if they like. If you don’t have permissions to do that, please send me a direct message.

New forum rules have also been posted. Please carefully read them.

Best regards,