Call for Content: Themes

That’s why I didn’t pick it - it seems to be a bit too close to the default theme, but I have no super strong opinion on which of these.

It’s not just about similarities, it’s about balance. There are huge differences between those themes.

Trust me, it is not.
But still I can’t see why you can’t pick an even number of themes, 4 of each light/dark.
Anyways, it’s up to you guys.

Maybe we can - I’ll discuss with UI team members.

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Alright, here is the promised replacement for the XSI theme: Fresh Grass Gray. I have averaged the main panel gray color of Platinum theme and Pro3 theme 50/50 to hit the spot right inbetween.

fresh_grass_gray.xml (41.3 KB)


Just to clear it, I’m not the owner of that theme and I didn’t submitted any theme here.

I know, I was only talking about the average brightness of the themes though, to me it doesn’t make sense to not have something between the very bright and the dark ones, just this. I also think that having an extra good theme wouldn’t hurt as long as we don’t end up with a list of 15 or 20 themes like we had before.

Out of the “competition” speaking of middle grey, I’ve fixed (or at least I’ve tried to) the old default theme, for nostalgic people.
Only thing I changed is adding colours to the different node types: 27x_2.xml (41.4 KB)

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Dark Play

darkplay.xml (41.3 KB)


I made some changes to white theme white_v3.xml

And some points, that I want change, but can’t (in addition to previous, that I describe in first post):

  1. Cant change colors of this balon (with object amount counter):

  2. Can’t do anything this shadows of nodes (and the node itself always semi-transparent, so it just can’t be white):

  3. Frame text color, can’t find it:


Love this theme. still has some work on it. like the selected faces highlight on edit mode is not very visible, suggest you change the selection highlight to something like cyan. checkout machin3 tools 0.3 theme of its selection highlights

Ok, so, with the feedback from here, and discussions with UI team, I have updated the list of preliminary picks.

  • Removed the XSI theme. Even though it is fantastic, it was out of place with no other app-emulating themes in there
  • Added the ‘Awesome’ theme


Super bright theme, for certain environments this can make sense.

Fresh Snow


Similar to: Breeze

Pro3 (needs a new name)

Nice medium grey
Alternatives: Blender Medium, Modo, Maya, Awesome Theme

** Awesome** (needs a new name)


Alternatives: Dark Blue, Godot

Dark Minimal

Alternatives: Blender Pro, Greetooth, Yello


so this makes them 9 in total,why not add anoher one and make it even number :slight_smile:

The fresh grass theme is pretty easy on the eyes

Why you need new names? They are great :joy:


Don’t know why the rush for themes for beta. Why not wait a little longer and come up with more options.

I’d replace Pro3 with Fresh Grass Grey, Odyssey with Dark Blue and Dark Minimal with Blender Pro. Ditch White or come up with a replacement. The only thing I see is the orange and blue. Maybe if the colors were “softened” a little, it would look better.


Because they are not descriptive names in any way.

We can’t have all our themes named Good Theme, Great Theme, Fantastic Theme, Brilliant Theme, The Best Theme etc.

Those kinds of names are just not appropriate.

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Alright. :smile:

So, @proxe @TheRedWaxPolice could you guys provide new names?

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Ok, I’ll rename the “Awesome” to “Deep Grey”, it’s okay to you?

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Yes that’s fine - anything that’s just somewhat descriptive. I don’t mind whimsy names either, like Fresh Snow or whatever.

grey matter. 20 chars :wink: