Call for Content: Themes



Themes! Who doesn’t like customization? Blender has plenty, and even more with Blender 2.8.

However, themes need maintenance. Pretty much every theme currently shipping with Blender needs adjustments for the new widgets like tabs or new editors. So, why not giving Blender 2.8 a whole new batch of community-contributed themes!

Blender 2.80 will ship with 8 themes. The default (Blender Dark) and a lighter (Blender Light) version are in, we need 6 more, here’s where you come in.


Share your Blender 2.8 theme with the world. Make sure every setting and Workspace is readable, text contrast is good enough, and that it’s as consistent as possible.

  • Open Blender, User Preferences, Themes, Reset to Default Theme and start tweaking.
  • Once you’re happy, save it by clicking on the plus icon, name it.
  • Themes are saved as XML files, you’ll find them in your User Preferences folder 2.80/scripts/presets/interface_theme.
  • Drag and drop the XML into a reply here together with fullscreen captures of the theme in multiple workspaces and editors, preferably complex files like the ones available for demo.

Not feeling creative?

Vote! Give a :heart: to your favorite theme posted here.

Themes will be picked during next week before the Beta release of Blender 2.8. They can be updated over time during the Beta stage until the final release.

Let the theming begin!

19 November 2018



combustion.xml (51.3 KB)



gentoo.xml (51.3 KB)


I’ve been looking for a Blender design that fits to the new design of Windows 10 for years. Especially on the dark side!
I’ve made the background fit to the Windows 10 taskbar and the menus (when using the dark theme) and used the blue accent color as main color for Blender. I hope you like it.

windows_10_dark_blue.xml (52.5 KB)


Deep Grey - Also known as “Awesome

Updated Sunday, January 6, 2019



when will the possibility to change the individual colors of the button proprerty bar icons be added?
it is the only thing that needs a real need to easily distinguish the icons.
without this feature all the themes posted will soon be obsolete



greypro.xml (51.3 KB)


My personal theme that was updated for 2.8 just 3 days ago…

obsidian.xml (52.5 KB)



energy_v20.xml (52.5 KB)

i want report a bug with active selection element, i cant setup it with edges and polygons in 2.80 , it just the same color like regular selection


Tried to transfer the Atom-Material to blender, thoughts?


I was working on a theme using the Dracula colour palette a bit ago so might have a crack at updating it if anyone actually likes it


I would like to touch on the issue of creating themes for Blender. This is a rather long process, so I offer my idea. How can you simplify the interface, leaving only the most necessary. Leaving only the primary colors, you can simplify the process of setting the theme for the user.


I think 99% of themes a will be dark. But I think, at least one theme must be white, in order for the user to choose light theme, not only darks. So, i’m going to make one. Inspired by default theme in gravit and some cases in material design. It’s work in progress, but I think you can see my idea.

It has blueprint-style of node editor and animation graph:

white.xml (51.4 KB)

I have a several suggestions about theming engine:

  1. make ability to set headers to uppercase (Photoshop and Gravit style):

  2. set color of shadow (black text white shadow will be nice for light theme):
    and also I cant find color of tools:


Toolbar icons cannot currently be themed yet, sorry. It’s on the todo list.


My Maya2018 like theme, still in progress

Download from OneDrive!An0p8_0qiDpchrIaa1-qNFpMqPcq1Q


An update to the cleanest of themes, Minimal Dark.
minimal_dark.xml (52.5 KB)

There are a few subtle things that make it stand out from the default:

  • Invisible background tabs
  • Invisible header buttons until mouse is in that window
  • Transparency is much more subtle
  • Monochromatic icons
  • Dots instead of checkboxes
  • Green for active and blue for selected instead of orange and slightly darker orange
  • Background gradient & many more tweaks



mistika.xml (51.3 KB)


Greentooh theme :slight_smile:
For all the Game Developers / Polycount community out there.

Update 18/11/18

  • Fixed outliner tab
  • Added Minimal Dots checkboxes
  • Improved Graph and Dope Sheet Editor Layouts
  • Added Minimal Sliders
  • Maintained Shader Editor Colors

Update 20/11/18

  • Reverted Text Editor Colors to match Default Blender Dark
  • Improved Contrast in miscellaneous areas
  • Removed Unwanted Gradients

Download Link:

PS: This is still a WIP, please, give some feedback I’ll be sure to update the theme and fix future inconsistencies.

Greentooth.xml (52.5 KB)


Greenty theme :smiley:
this is my own theme, i always use this theme in my work with 2.79, i tweak it a bit for 2.8



Modern V 4.1

Based as closely as possible on the new Mac OS dark theme.

I’m too new to post anything, but I’ve created and maintained one of the most downloaded themes on Blendswap for years. I’ve now fully updated it for 2.8. Here’s the link.


Edit: had the wrong theme uploaded to Blendswap, fixed. Also uploaded XML now.

modern_v_4_1.xml (40.0 KB)