What happened to the themes for 2.80

I remember there was a call for content for themes for Blender 2.80. They’re not in the release candidate. Does anybody know what happened?


It’s dead.

That’s a bummer. There where some really good themes.

Blender 2.80 will ship with 8 themes. The default (Blender Dark) and a lighter (Blender Light) version are in, we need 6 more, here’s where you come in.

i don’t think it’s “dead”,William has compiled the potential 8 themes to be shipped from the thread it would probably happen last few days before the final release as this is a small priority.


Where is the compilation?

preliminary list of picks.

Nice selection although a little redundant.
Thank you for the link.

That selection was updated

and then died :slight_smile:

The descriptions in the Theme area of Preferences are ambiguous and could use cleaning up, or at least included in the manual so we can make changes more easily. For example: What does “Regular” mean? What’s the difference between Tool and Toolbar Item? What is an “Item”?

(I have some visual issues that are easily solved by designing my own theme, which was fairly easy in 2.7 and nearly impossible in 2.8. I can see Themes with light background and black text. White on gray, not so much.

I finally figured out that sliding the roundness button could possibly give me a clue as to which areas of the interface are affected by which Theme sliders. But this should be a whole lot easier.

i guess you guys are right, they are not in 2.80, i wonder what happened, @billrey ???

It was decided that more of the UI team would review and the themes, which they never did. So, now I will resume responsibility, with feedback from the community and other developers, for making the final picks.

I assume these will then be included in 2.81.

We need to look over some of the older themes now as some of them are already a bit out of date and require some tweaks for 2.80.


@billrey Just wondering :slight_smile: Did any new themes make it into 2.81?