Brush Assets - Feedback

Brush assets are now merged into the main branch, to be part of Blender 4.3.

Read more in the blog post: Brush Assets is out!
Or in the updated manual: Brushes Introduction - Blender 4.3 Manual
And test it in the daily builds.

Some highlights:

See brush asset tasks for a a list of improvements we still want to make, or not planning in the project’s scope.

For earlier feedback, see: Brush Assets Prototype - Feedback


When checking the assets, I noticed that the tooltips are kind of not helpful currently. I’d like it if they would show the asset name and description.



I can’t open General catalog and have access to sub-catalogs in Asset Shelf popover.
At each click press, the popover closes itself.
So, I can’t have sub-catalogs of General catalog as Asset Shelf tabs.


Add & Substract, Contrast, Transform, Utilities catalogs are only accessible from Tool Settings bar or Shift Space Popover.
I have to create my custom catalogs at a level open by default.

It is also annoying that a click and drag to open/close several tabs of asset shelf is not possible either.

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  • hi @julianeisel , quick look
    in your screenshot the active brush has the blue background:
    in main this is broken, so no way to visually distinguish the active brush.

  • the content in the shelf flickers when i undo.

  • the default preview size is 48, but if i right click it and choose “reset to default value” it jumps to 32. is that intended? :thinking:

  • i wish the popup was resizable. also an option to hide/show the “tree list” panel would be great.

Its possible to add a short cut, but ¿is going to be possible to assign brushes to quick favorites? or some other thing to be able to configure fast acces?


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Haven’t tested much but so far the main feedback I have is about UI/UX:

  • A way to visually highlight the selected brush is important, right now is a bit confusing

  • A way to scroll horizontally makes more sense (and it’s more comfortable) if the shelf is horizontal, maybe if the shelf could be switched to be horizontal or vertical the scroll motion should change accordingly too.

  • The popup gets huge with a lot of brushes, it should either have a fixed size with a scrollbar, or have a way to resize it

EDIT: Just noticed that trying to change the brush falloff immediately crashes Blender


that should go straight to the tracker

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When creating a new brush asset, Blender crashes when setting falloff to custom.
Also noticed that it’s not possible to add brushes to quick favorites.

Quick Feedback

  • No brush name on tooltip, most likely necessary for first users
  • Change size of icons seems to be per mode… not global. Might be a nicer UX if this were per “shelf” setting, like scaling the shelf size with CTLR+MMB works for all modes in the sidebar. This is an interface scale, not a mode interface scale as a desired UX… might be a personal opinion.
    - Category Tabs Panel is really hard to use, as you click on an check box and it closes… Should remain open. I was in sculpt mode when trying to use it in this gif.
  • No ability to add a direct shortcut to brush, I know these are dynamic and probably similar to enums or lists, but indeed it is a hot requested feature and a UX regression, previously you could set a hotkey to brush tool types, now not possible.
  • No ability to assign hotkey to a category of brushes, same dilemma as previous point.

I was thinking exactly the same but wasn’t sure how to redact the comment, i was expecting to use Ctrl+mmb (i use emulate mmb so its Ctrl+alt+LMB for me its the same) to scale the shelf so much.
Also because there is no “scale” controls or filters in “full screen Area” (Ctrl+alt+space bar)

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The asset shelf popover panel, changing the libraries also changes the catalogs under the drop down menu.

The refresh asset library button does not update correctly and flicker the entire popover panel. only works when moving the cursor.

*The same happens with the popup brush selector

The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F (search) does not work in the entery Asset Shelf area.

*The content in the Asset Shelf flickers when i Toggle Maximize Area ( Ctrl + Spacebar )

I like the Asset Shelf with an keyboard shortcut, similar to T and N panels. I have assigned Asset Shelf to - and the Tool Settings to Shift -
shortcut asset shelf


I agree with most UX points made above: better tooltips, flicker on undo, active highlight, opened catalogs not saved, and of course different asset shelf settings in every mode, which I hate with burning passion.

This time I focused on asset bundle creation when testing, and this is what I found:

  1. First of all, bug when duplicating asset. It shows this, brush settings disappear and you get error in console
    After you manually select that newly created brush from asset shelf settings come back, but before it looks like this. And this is the error = (brush and brush.sculpt_tool != 'MASK')
TypeError: bpy_struct: item.attr = val: expected True/False or 0/1, not NoneType
  1. I created brushes, and then when I wanted to bundle them I looked into their folder and couldn’t find which brush was which, because I renamed them in UI after creation, but .asset.blend files keep the name of creation, so first name. This is really inconvinient and I’m not sure about manually changing names as it might break them, but even if I were to do that, I don’t know which brush is which. Renaming brushes is too common for this not to work. asset.blend files need to be renamed so that names are always in sync.

  2. I created ton of brushes, but didn’t want them all in one bundle, I wanted to pick brushes I put in Painting catalog in their own bundle, but its a lot of work because ALL the brushes are saved in same folder if you use one library. They just pile up and make organizing difficult. I would really appreciate it if instead of one Brushes folder, they were stored in separate folders named after catalogs, so that I can quickly zip catalogs and don’t have to use workarounds like too many libraries.

  3. I want to add tags to brush assets, but its impossible since they’re not in Edit Metadata operator. I need tags not just for organizing, but for my custom scripts, I would appreciate if tags were added in the operator, as well as License and Copyright, which might be important for brushes that use licensed textures.

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This should be fixed in current main.

I cannot recreate this here. Could you try using factory settings? Maybe it’s a theming issue.

This is unfortunately a known issue with the asset system currently. It’s an architectural issue with the file browser backend that the asset system still uses for preview loading. I have time allocated over summer to work on this, see #122439: Finish Asset System Refactor.

Committed 280a8afa76: Fix “Reset to Default” using wrong value for asset shelf preview size.


tried, same result :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Same here, even with factory settings there’s no highlight on the active brush

Why isn’t the name on by default?


That was a decision made early on, I think based on feedback from @JulienKaspar. Memory is fuzzy but I think it’s because names become a lot less useful when dealing with 100s of brushes (a lot of them being just small variations) and the preview becomes more important instead.

It’s also useful to be able to display a lot of brushes, names take away space and the previews need to be quite big for the name to fit anyway. Generally the asset shelf (as opposed to the popup version) attempts to be a bit space saving, since it’s on screen permanently.

Lastly, it’s broken currently, but the brush asset shelf is supposed to have quick tooltips:

That might be a “best of both worlds” compromise.


The missing active highlight bug might be a Windows only issue. I suspect because of slashes vs. backslashes in paths (we use relative paths to identify assets in certain cases).

Created potential fix, could anybody test this and report back? Test builds here.