Blender UI paper cuts


  1. Knife tool does not show vertex/edge highlight when doing first cut (after pressing e for a second cut it does)
  2. Transform value fields in the object > transform panel are cut on the right side where they meet the lock icons
  3. Values in fields are centered - I know this is by design but consider it a regression (cf
  4. Some checkboxes cannot be clicked on their label (all the toggles in the mesh options popover for instance) whereas most others are clickable either on the checkbox directly or on their label. Some of the un-clickable ones include ‘overwrite’, ‘placeholders’, etc. in output panel of render properties, which were clickable up until 2.79.
  5. Since the timeline has been modeled after the dopesheet it’s been able to display keyframes of all selected objects/bones just like the dopehseet, however it has a flaw when moving around in it (using mmb) : it allows moving vertically indefinitely even when there isn’t anything displayed, which can make you lose sight of the keyframes (they move out of view). My suggestion is either clamp view2d.scroller_activate so view doesn’t get scrolled too much, or just make the timeline simpler by removing sidebar and keyframe list (there is dopesheet for that after all).


Iḿ not sure if I posted this before, but just in case…

With LMB configuration we are forced to use RMB to scrub the timeline wich is antinatural for anyone used to LMB software.

IMHO LMB should be used to select keys AND scrub the timeline, otherwise LMB configuration will be as weird as RMB configuration for animators that come from other packages.





so specials(contextmenu) become even worse. where is symmetrize and other useful functions?
now contextmenu just duplicate some functions from ctrl+E(V,F)
and i’m always pushing the damn W


You want this:

Also, that plugin should be included with 2.8 by default. It’s literally what made me able to switch to using 2.8 full time instead of having to keep 2.79 around (where I used a different plugin for the same effect).

And speaking of plugins in 2.8, why do they seem like 3rd class citizens now?

They used to have a nice place amongst the tools panel, but now they’re almost invisible by default:



That option did exist in 2.79 a little lock that was super handy!

and in 2.8 it got moved under the playback menu, sucky but still works.


There you go - it’s already there :slight_smile:


any chance that the object xray and the armature xray gets unified?, and also xray gets added at least to “look dev” mode?


Yes, I think it should. The Alt-Z key feature in Pose Mode is actually different from X-Ray, specific for bone selection, when the bone is inside the mesh.

The idea is that normally you would see this:

Enter bone selection mode (Alt-Z) and yuo see this:

Mesh is darkened and the bones become clear.

This is different from the normal X-Ray feature which makes all objects see-through.

But the fact that we ‘steal’ the X-ray shortcut for this is confusing, I agree. We should probably give the bone selection mode a different shortcut.


I get why they are different, but its a bit confusing, I just think it would be easier that if you are solid in object mode and go into posemode and you set posemode to xray, when you come out to solid mode is still solid so you need to go an extra step again to see it how you expect it

It just confuses me each time.


It’s confusing because we make it seem like two different features are the same feature. We could unify it so it’s the same thing, or separate it more and use two different shortcuts.


i would go for unify, less is more :slight_smile:


It’s really nice to see many of the pop up confirmation boxes finally gone. Makes the daily bread and butter things like saving scenes much more comfortable. There are a few of them left though, still occasionally creating frustration, such as new folder confirmation pop up, which is especially annoying when creating new folders with a shortcut:
“Oh noes! I accidentally created a new folder. All my work is lost!” … said no one ever :slight_smile:

Hopefully this one can get killed as well :slight_smile:


Yes this has been brought up here and Brecht noted it needs to be investigated.



Middle mouse viewport interaction is blocked in the transparent areas of sidebar and toolbar with Region Overlap active. Screenshot shows a real life window arrangement where mouse input is taken by the invisible window. While this is not a technical bug ( intended behavior ) it is less than optimal design and an annoyance.


The active area of sidebar&toolbar can be made to re scale dynamically just around the visible content.


The solution is to turn off Region Overlap by default, until this issue is fixed.
It’s hard to believe they let Blender ship like this.


Do you know how I can remove the measurement lines?




“Playback” menu for Animation should be called “Preferences” or “Settings” – Almost none of the top options have anything to do with “Playback” at all.

I can understand the logic of putting “Limit Playhead to Frame Range” checkbox in a generic (low-use) menu, but I would never have looked there for it. – Like others here, I didn’t even know this option still existed. D:


I don’t know if that could be solved…