Blender UI paper cuts



Btw, @billrey, Any plans for a “Solo” button in the outliner? I know about the “H” key tricks, but the discoverability of this feature is very poor, also the outliner is the place where I’m expecting to find that feature. :thinking:


Currently you can Ctrl-click on the eye to solo.


Doesn’t work here. :thinking:


It must be on a Collection. I think it should be added to objects too, but for now it only works on Collections.


heat weighting: failed to find solution for one or more bones sounds like

“Well, your mesh is wrong in some way, … so fix it. Yeah, I mean one or more of your vertex is kinda strange. I won’t tell you which but Good luck!”

I hope it will be more informative, like moving to edit mode and select the wrong vertices.


When using pie menus (mode, render type) the numbering is not consistent. Is there a reason it can’t be 1… 2… 3… etc for all pie menus. For example Z/render-mode numbering is 2, 4, 6 (and not in radial order)
I understand the order might be not logical because some modes are much more used than others but the fact that numbers just get skipped is pretty confusing and annoying.


There is actually a logic behind this. The pie menu numbers are modelled after the numpad keys. So, 5 is the middle, 4 is left, 8 is up, 1 is down/left, and so on.


OHHHHHHH they actually are. Okay that does make more sense.
My initial reaction was that “But isn’t it pointless people will mostly use left hand and number line” But I guess if you have detached numpad that can be switched to left side it could be nice.

Maybe it could be a general settings toggle for pie menus to be either numpad order or number line order?
Although I guess I can live with it knowing the logic behind it.


To be fair, I don’t even get why you would even ever use numbers with the pie menus. I mean, you can just hold a key (eg Z), flick your mouse in the direction and let go. It’s so fast and gestural, faster than having to type in a second character.


Why have the numbers at all, then? :thinking:


That’s not a real “Solo” since it just hides everything else. Solo should allow to revert to previous visibility state


That would be possible with the ‘unlinked’ viewport visibility back. I think that’s still the plan to add this back before release.


i also noticed that alt+numbers are assigned to “hide collection” they don’t do anything right now…it was ported from 2.7x layers system, which worked as toggle per layer for second row? that could be used for something else.


however, an icon of a lock in place of the cursor might be more meaningful and consistent.

My reasoning: The cursor toggle effectively “locks” the collection, preventing selection of any of it’s elements. I believe some other panels use the lock icon already as well (Animation).

I think its placement is subjective though, because I’d prefer to the far right. :slight_smile:




This error can be caused by alot more than just some double vertices…for example wrong scaling or to many loose parts in one object


This. Please. As an animator, I’m begging you.


Japanese translation is wrong. The correct Japanese translation of Translation is “翻訳”. It is not “移動(Movement)”.


That is a strange translation indeed!

I think I can see how this occurred. Without any context, in a computer graphics application, 移動 is a reasonable translation for “Translation”. It has been used incorrectly.

My next concern about changing it is whether the msgid “Translate” is being used elsewhere in the UI to represent movement. This should really be split into language:translate and motion:translate, but I don’t know the convention for namespacing in po files.

The source can be found in blender-git/blender/release/datafiles/locale/po/ja.po on line 36645


Look for msgctxt in gettext docs.