Blender UI paper cuts



Right now it is quite amusing to try to scale the interface with your mouse in User Preferences because of the change of design.

Open up User Preferences, go to the Interface tab, move your mouse to Display Scale and start dragging. As you do so the slider widget you are currently using is itself increasing in size (as before, so no issue), but is also now moving to the right (because of the menu beside it increasing in size). You can sometimes get it to work, but quite often it is just an unpredictable, jumpy, jittery mess.


Funny. If you make the preferences window wide enough, the jittery doesn’t happen.


Admittedly, this is more preference than errors. But just because we have an icon, and there is room for an icon, doesn’t mean that everything needs icons. Sometimes they hinder a quick read, as shown below on the left:

And I really think it is time to remove all the redundant colons everywhere. There was once a concerted effort to remove them from Properties and it looks much better. But they are literally littering the User Preferences. Many titles, almost every section, most inputs. Two redundant dots doing nothing but decreasing the readability…


Yes, please get rid of those icons and also get rid of the word preferences in “User preferences” since we are already in the preferences editor.


The colons can go, everything else can stay. :slight_smile:


Was just looking through the source and they are specifically adding colons all over the place. I doubt they would appreciate me ripping them all out of there, even though they really should get gone…


yeah they don’t make sense, i guess it’s a “programmer” choice :slight_smile:


On almost every line of code. Very inefficient.


There is an inconsistency with the header of the 3D view. The transform orientations display both the icon and the text, while the pivot point (and the other icons) only includes the icon - the icon and text are provided only when clicking the button and getting the drop-down options. On a 13-inch laptop, many of icons do not fit in the header when switching to edit mode. In the interest of saving space and being as economical as possible, the transform orientations should only display the icon instead of both the icon and text.


That might just work…

“Of course it’s not working right, those three arrows are slightly askew!”
“No, not like that, the other one. The other one!!”



These could be listed vertically rather than horizontally. Even with the window resized to an absurdly huge size the text still doesn’t fit.


Not sure is it the place, but could we have same names for collections or objects? It is quite useful for some scenarios:

Also there is no visual way to know if objects linked (via Alt+D).


About shortcuts for the tool menu in 3D view.
Transform : T
Move : 4
Rotate R
Scale : S

I think Move should be M or G.


As far as I know this is simply a mistake.


hell no! don’t even think about this :pouting_cat:


Save data-block even if it has no user

Lose any work is annoying for everybody, especially for new Blender users. Automatic and hidden cleaning unused data-block - when save and close Blender - is not the best way. Each user must make decision, what will be deleted or kept in file.
I agree, that some cleaning tool is necessary to keep low disk/memory usage.
I’m professional CAD user. CAD software usually produces a lot of “mess”, especially when some top data structures deleted. This kind of software give to user some cleaning tool and user will decide, when and how will be used.
My proposals are:

  1. Blender should warn user at least, that some data-block will not be saved. This can be part of quit Blender.
  2. Blender will keep all data-blocks in file till user purge them by run of cleaning tool, if he want. Just click and delete all of them.
  3. Blender will have sophisticated cleaning toll, what will allow user clean unused data-bloks by type or/and user can choose by check box what will be kept/deleted or not.

I know, that it is big issue for Blender internal system. But let’s discuss about that and ideas and proposals collect here for far future.


first of all thank you, that you have returned the ability to hide mesh while texturing.
but is it possible to get rid of the annoying wireframe when ‘face selection masking for painting’ is enabled?

I know, that I can toggle off the whole overlay visibility, but in that case I won’t be able to see how the texture looks like purely without shading, and more over I won’t be able to paint on normal maps (I mean it won’t be visible).
it would be great if you include some kind of checkbox inside the overlays menu, it already has ‘wireframe’ option, but it turns on and off another wireframe.


An option to autosave userprefs (enabled by default) or at least informing “Userpref changes will be lost” when closing.


Also an easy way to reset to factory defaults would be nice. But this is more of a feature request I suppose.


Poly count that shows more

  1. How many polygons scene has
  2. How many polygons are currently on screen
  3. How many polygons are selected (in object mode or edit mode)
    Similar to this