Unnecessary wireframe while texturing

hi blend devs
thank you for all the work you’ve done to create such an awesome tool as blender!
I have a question and I’ve asked it before here (december 2018)

the post had 5 likes but to attention from the devs
the last build I’ve tested was 15.04.2019, and still there is this odd black wireframe.

is it now a part of a texturing workflow in blender? or is it a bug which is not fixed yet?

Neither of thoses.

Just make sure you disabled the wireframe overlay:

It’s off by default, but if you ever enable it, it won’t be switched off when you enter painting mode.

as you can see, the color of wireframe in 2.80 is orange
the color of wireframe on my screenshot is black
but yes, i can turn on ADDITIONAL orange wireframe to the black one
here is a video

There you go:

please read my fist post here once more, and look at the yellow arrow

Sorry, my impression was that you wanted to get rid of the edge overlay in Image editor(based on your first post, probably a bit too ambiguous). Yes, I think the additional 3D view overlay is probably a bug. Might be worth reporting if there isn’t a report already opened for it in the tracker.

edit: to be clearer, at a guess, I’d wager it was just an oversight of when the overlay toggle and slider for the wireframe were added they didn’t get hooked up to the face selection overlays edge drawing function.

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Ok I see… If you disable overlays completelly it goes away. But surelly there should be a separated option to disable that particular overlay in the first place.
And because solid view’s texture paint display is an overlay too, you can’t use solid view without overlays in paint mode.

i’ve searched through bug reports and found this: https://developer.blender.org/T63010
now i have some questions to mr @brecht.

and i’ll try to explain everything better.
i’m making game ready models, so this means, that all objects in a character should be in one mesh.

so lets suppose i’ve textured everything and now im not happy with a skin texture on a hand for example and i need to rework it.

so what was the workflow in 2.79?
i go to edit mode, with L i select the mesh i need to texture, i invert a selection, hide everything else to keep only desired mesh on a screen, go to texture paint mode, click ‘face selection masking on painting’ button and happily reworking the skin texture and you guess what, there is no black freaking wireframe!

and now the only workaround is to separate the desired mesh from an object (at least uv of a separated object stays on the same place it is on the character’s mesh), otherwise, i have to see ‘through’ this wireframe, and for some reason mr Brecht doesn’t consider this a bug.

how is that?
does this mean, that for a every single tiny fix on a texture i need to separate the desired mesh, then rework it and then join it back, and do it over and over again for every tiny piece of mesh?

i am able to take into consideration, that my workflow is wrong and mr Brecht has a ton more experience in making game models than me, so in that case i would be happy to hear what i am doing wrong.

and more over, i was so happy with all that eevee stuff, bc eevee grants access to texture something and see the final result pretty much close to the game engine.

and L0Lock said ‘If you disable overlays completelly it goes away’
and that is kinda workaround untill you realise, you are not able to switch between ‘clear’ display of a SINGLE texture (when you turn opacity to 1 in overlays) and ‘combined’ textures in the whole material.

and after baking, when you need to make some fixes by handpainting (baking is always not perfect) you are not able to do it with overlay turned off.

the only workaround here is to switch to the solid shading, which means that switching will be 2 extra actions in the workflow.

and i am suuuper curious to hear an opinion from the author of bpainter addon https://www.blendermarket.com/products/bpainter?ref=2
he said he is going to adapt his addon after 2.8 release with eevee and stuff, and i think this extra black wireframe will be a trouble for him either.
i am sorry, i just don’t know what to do with that.

It would be good to add such an overlay option, it’s just that the bug tracker is strictly for bugs, not suggestions to improve usability.

thank you, for coming into thread.
but there was no black wireframe in 2.79 with ‘face selection masking on painting’, where did it come from?

@JeroenBakker, do you think we could adjust the overlay drawing to be more similar to 2.7 here, without the black wireframe? I’m not sure why this was added.


Think it was never polished to that extend.
Looking at the 2.79 behavior it is that the wires only display the outline of the face selection and Blender 2.80 displays all wires.

hi blender devs, i hope you all have a nice summer.
you’ve been working so hard on blender and made tons of fixes and improvements, thank you so much.
i just wanted to ask you, is there any possibility that this bug will be fixed before the release in july?

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Hi @soundsbeard

There was just a change pushed that won’t render the wireframes inside the face mask selection. https://developer.blender.org/rB76aff66301b1bafb60973e556d5c547e602bdee5

It has been added to vertex painting, weight painting and texture painting.

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@JeroenBakker, just checked it out, oh my god, you are the savior, thank you so much!