Blender UI paper cuts



The current axis (X Y Z ) color dosen’t match the color what you actually seeing in the viewport. That makes it in some cases difficult to give the axis enough contrast so you spot them quite easily. It would make it also consistent with the color of the gizmo:

Edit have some error in the image the red color is of course the X axis not the Y :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry if this is known issue (and maybe being discussed elsewhere) but I have just noticed that the Object Context Menu pops up even if I have nothing selected. In that case the commands of course do nothing but everything appears as if it were functional. Maybe it should not pop up at all or the menu and/or the text should be subdued.

Probably out of scope of a simple paper cut but:

  1. Maybe there could be a different menu - say Scene Context Menu or something like that with useful commands like:
  • Save scene
  • Import…
  • Grid settings
  • Clean unused stuff
  • etc.
  1. Or it could work like in say Maya where context (marking) menus work even for unselected objects - you just point the cursor at them and then hold RMB. But this is probably quite a different paradigm with its pros and cons.



Agree with 1. option
2. option creates unwanted behavior


Can we decouple snapping settings per editor type? Having global setting for totally different contexts is illogical and confusing. This is really annoying for users who likes to have snapping enabled in node editor all the time.


in 2d animation workspace
button disappear when mouse over
need different color or contrast when mouse over


In the outliner, active items are highlighted orange, but while in edit mode, i also can highlight other things via the blue bar. Does this blue bar do anything apart from distracting



The highlighting of the item in the outliner is barely visible. One really has to look closely to find out which collection to open.


I’m requesting a little gap above each white dropdown arrow.


+1 for an unclickable thin orientation marker, for those using G/R/S.


It’s already there: Preferences/Interface/3D Viewport Axis: → set to “Simple Axis”


We mean one that shows the orientation of the currently selected objects, and their origin point (be it median/whichever is selected), like the gizmo does. but isn’t a gizmo, doesn’t obscure the view as much or get in the way.


i see. How about this?


You have to enable that for every object, or each individual object as you work on it, nor particularly useful. You’d end up with a cluttered view or a lot of busywork. Also doesn’t really help for edit mode.


sounds like a mission for Addonman :wink:


On a somewhat related note, I just added an object and went to the mesh data tab in properties to enable auto smooth and set the angle value to 180. Object was still flat. Contextually would make sense for the object to be set smooth when enabling auto smooth. As it is currently, let be honest - it’s a bit confusing, especially for new users.

edit: I’d even go as far as to rip out the shade smooth and shade flat menu options altogether and rely on auto smooth defaulting to off, with the angle at 180. When ticking the auto smooth(and rename it to smooth shading?) to be on the mesh gets set to smooth, want to have sharp edges? Either tweak the angle value or use edge sharpness(by selecting all and set sharp or by using the modifier if that is more applicable). Or tick that smooth option off again in mesh data tab.


Not possible to differentiate Visibility vs Selectability in the Quick menu


When the Shader Editor view does not have the ‘N’ sidebar panel open, it does not allow horizontal resizing of the Shader Editor view, as the Resize widget on hover of the view border is not available. Apparently, the pixel threshold of the scrollbar in the Shader editor view interferes with the onHover behavior of the Resize widget. See attached screenshot.


MacOS X Mojave 10.14.1
Branch Blender 2.80 Beta
Hash 0f5b53ba4dc
Date 2018-11-30 22:29


Works fine here on Windows.


Another papercut on Win10: when adding some big objects (some GB in RAM) and subsequently deleting them does not free the RAM - maybe because of undo reasons. However it would be nice to have a “free RAM” button in the help menu if you want to certainly delete those objects.