Pressing ESC while in active tool = Go OUT of the tool (back to selection)


in a lot of softwares when using a tool, hitting the escape key = escaping from a tool, so basically making the user go back to the selection, it could be cool if this reflex of “escaping a tool with esc” was in the master build ? what wrong could it do ?

of course, if the active tool is being used, hitting the ESC key will first cancel the actions, and hitting ESC a second time will get the user back to the active selection tool.

that’s all
thanks for reading my feedback


Press W…

im not saying that there’s no easy way to do this in blender,

im saying that’s its an industry standard, in every software, hitting the escape key is for escaping… (a tool, a menu, an entry… ect…)

it could be nice that the escape key work like any other software, ALSO with the active tool system.
its frustrating for everyone that use other softwares that the escape key is not working properly.

“press W” , yes that’s the tool for the active selection tool ? what is the link with my thread ?
im talking mainly about escaping from a tool with the escape key

i dont see how people who dont like this idea could be ever affected in any way by this proposal…
its more related to the industry keymap topic i guess


Most 3d apps I use don’t work that way, besides blender when using modal tools. Esc is mostly used to cancel modal operations. Active tools is all about switching tools, pressing Esc to jump elsewhere kinda doesn’t make sense when using active tools.

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its not jumping elswere, selection is the basic of a viewport

In any other software when you are using a tool, active or not, escape first cancel the action, then if hitting it again, is going back to « default »; selection with the left button

I want to upvote this proposal, each time that I show blender to a new user I have the same experience, they click in a active tool and then they try to press ESC to go out of that tool and go back to basic transform.

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