Move Autosave out of /tmp

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Worked remotely on a friend PC. I’ve just lost 4 hours of work, because of a system crash. Client is really upset, since I’m now missing a deadline.

Why is the location of blenders autosave folder located in tmp?

I mean that’s ram on most Linux systems.

And Autosave is vital for freelancers. It’s just if you’re working for a long time with blender weird coincidences will happen and not being able to rely on autosaves is a big issue.

Please change the deafult or at least put a warning somewhere, if it saves to tmp.

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And I hate to say it, but (in my opinion) stuff like this is unfortunately hurting the reputation of blender freelancers and blender as a professional software alike.

Seconded. Should be specified or created as default in a sub-folder of the location of the saved Blend file.


I agree, the default location temp save should be in the same folder as the blend file, like Krita’s defautl autosaving. In windows, the /tmp file goes… sometimes literally nowhere till you program it.

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Hmmm not sure what you do, of there’s no saved file yet and also having it all over the place might cause confusion.

But as an option, this is not a bad idea

In windows there isn’t such a problem, since tmp isn’t a memory folder. But for linux maybe something like ~/.tmp or ~/.blender_tmp, so it stays in user folder. Of course it will be the responsibility of the user to cleanup folder from time to time. The reasoning behind it being in the /tmp was to avoid user getting out of space due to a lot of autosaves as this is what happens in windows, getting 50+Gb tmp folders with a few weeks of temp files is very normal in professional workspace. As a TD I can’t recall how many times I wrote scripts and fixed this kind of problems on artist machines.
So in the end, if you are a making a living as professional user, one of the first things you do, is setup blender, and this includes setting keymaps, addons, navigation preferences and system paths.

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Have a default autosave location that’s not in a location you have to hunt for :wink: Am not sure if the Data - Temporary Files location in Preferences - File Paths is the same; if not, an extra field could be added here to query such a location along with a limit on the number of automatic backup files as not to fill up your storage.

Having 1 file per day, a second that is saved each hour and a third being continuously saved might also be a good idea so you have some older files to get back to whole preventing total overflow in regards of storage.

Working 4 hours straight without saving your work once, not being mean but that’s really not pro.

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Getting paid to work with blender means I’m a professional user.

And Autosaves in Blender are reliable if set up correctly. My main problem being I work a lot with in browser office tools, that save continuously and that leads to bad habits in offline tools like blender especially if I’m really focused on something.

I question that assertion.

On Linux, Blender will use the value of the environment variable TMP for saving temp files if it is set. If you don’t like the default value, set TMP or set the temporary file path in User Prefs.

On Windows, I believe the environment variable is TEMP, but I can’t check that at the moment.

No offense, but working for 4 hours without saving is not being professional. Getting paid doesn’t change that.


I’ve made a stupid mistake, yes. I know.
And as a matter of fact having made every mistake in the book at least once is for me kind of a defining trait of a professional user.

But I digress. This is about a tool that is supposed to help reduce impacts of mistakes made by users or programmers (crashes can be caused by both). If both were perfect, we wouldt not need autosave.

And I actually made a survey on a mastrodon node with mostly Linux-users and over 50% had their tmp in RAM.

And the majority of the remaining can’t recover files from their tmp location after a system crash.

One even said “hmm. I seriously don’t know of any other application that does that…” after having asked for the reason of my survey.

sorry but u made terrible workflow mistake… and is not blender fault… blender have 2 independent backup system… 1 is in tmp… the other is versioning that u can setup how many u want to keep. basically it works in such way that if u set it to 3 for example it will save original file… + 3 backup copies that are saved… usually the first is last time u hit ctrl+s the next one is i think last 10 min and the next one is 30 min and the next is like 1-3h… i never really digged how it works… but that is in my case usuall timestamp on those files :slight_smile: