Move Autosave out of /tmp

But you did not include what your recommendation is for an improved default location. It is easy to understand that the current default is “bad” but it must be replaced with something better. I’m guessing that you don’t agree with the previous comment to change to “/var/tmp”?

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I updated the bug with a recommendation of where it can be saved, similar to other programs (alongside the save file, when it exists).

It is easy to understand that the current default is “bad”

It isn’t “bad,” it’s bad

As for /var/tmp, I don’t believe I’ve seen any other program do that. It might be viable for the case where no save file exists, but when it does (most of the time), it can be saved alongside it, like similar programs

Not sure why you’d get pedantic for something as silly as whether this one word was quoted for emphasis, quotation, “scare quote”, or irony by someone trying to help you. LOL

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Because developers and established users usually get sassy when you report something is wrong with default behavior. I thought you were being sassy, as if it’s up for debate whether it’s bad that hours of work can be lost from this. Keep in mind, people get pissed off when they lose work

Regardless, I updated the bug and I don’t think a discussion on tone is worthwhile. I think saving files alongside the current save may work, but there are probably other solutions too.

Hi. Linux user for many years here. This is what I had mentioned above about the Trash/recycle bin on Linux.

The Trash/recycle bin is more visible and much more accessible to the user than any /tmp or /var/tmp folders.

What I am not sure is if in all distros Trash location is the same, and if there is a common environment variable to invoke Trash.
The location for the user is usually “~/.local/share/Trash/files”

Bottom Line Up Front: If you don’t like the default, change it. There is no way a single default will make everyone happy.

usually is the important word here. When bad things happen, we need a place we can write to, one that is both guaranteed to exist AND be writable by Blender. On Linux, both /tmp and /var/tmp exist, the difference being that /tmp is traditionally cleared at boot time. Does this make /var/tmp a better default? Not really, since if the system crashed, there are no guarantees that a complete and usable .blend got written.

If you do not like a default setting, take a few minutes to change it. In this particular case, you can either change the location of the temp dir OR you can set your system to not clear /tmp on boot. Yes, that is a setting too!

For my part, I have been using Linux Trash for Blender temp files for years. But here we are discussing about usability, where the best option should be chosen by default. And a volatile /tmp folder for recovery files is the worst option for Blender to choose by default.

I clarify that I just said “usually” because I am an old Linux user, but not a Linux Pro user, so I cannot guarantee that this is always the case in all distros. Anyway I suppose that Blender developers could make Blender look for folders to exist, then choose the folder that has been found for Temporary Files.


This link will guide you, however be sure to check it regularly so that it does not get bigger than you will like after changing it and losing the self-cleaning functionality. The link is for blender 2.79 but it is pretty much same for subsequent versions, as in the screenshot attached.
A guide from the Blender manual on changing your temp location.

but why not simply ~/.cache like quite literally any other software does it?

Only if it will be compliant with the XDG Base Directory spec. so in this case it should be in $XDG_CACHE_HOME

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