Blender is not complying with common standards amongst linux-distros when it comes to filepaths

/tmp/ is the directory-of-choice for temporary files you want to discard after a reboot or system crash.
~/.cache/ is the directory for temporary files, you want to keep after a reboot.

Please just comply with, what everyone is doing and set the default for autosaves to ~/.cache/blender/

And since blender is prone to causing system crashes, autosaves should be considered to be files you still need access to after a reboot.

It’d also be very useful, since that would finally give me the option to store autosaves and other temp files separately.


I was just about to say that this is a dupe, but turns out your authored the other thread as well. I get that you’re passionate about this issue but any reason you felt you needed to start a brand new thread for the exact same topic?

It’s a similar but not the same issue.
The point of this thread is: Autosaves are no tmp files, but are stored at the same filepath as all tmp files and I see no good reason for that, so I’m asking this to be changed.

This would also address my previous issue, but I’d argue it’s not the same thing.

Seems like it would be easier (and more productive) to set an environment variable or user pref than to start another thread,

If we do change the default, I would like it to be /home/stiv/autosave .

is it technically possible to have autosaves and temporary files be saved in two seperate places right now?

I check blender tmp files sometimes, and it seems that at least on windows, all these temporary files are autosaves. If you care about autosaves, probably you’d want to care about files like quit.blend as well, since all of them are files of a single nature. Just move them to your cache dir altogether.

You might want to look into this part as well. Blender should not be causing system crashes, certainly not regularly. Butissues with the OpenGL drivers on the system you’re using can cause them. Other than that Blender is not that different from a normal non-3D application and so should keep the OS alive.

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I don’t think that hidden directory is suitable for this. An average Linux user will not know about that hidden folder and the size of that folder could get out of control and the user will not know why she/he is running out of available space in /home.
On the other hand, it would be good if for autosave/quit.blend files, etc. on Blender could use “Trash” Linux system. Trash system is actually a hidden folder as well, but it is much more user-friendly because there is generally an icon/widget in view on most Linux distros.
With Trash system you have the possibility to setup auto delete files by age, Trash full capacity warning alarm and to show a Trash icon/widget in desktop/panel that will inform you if it is empty or with content, so the user can easily tell what is taking up a lot of disk space by looking at the accessible icon/widget.

By the way, Blender uses “~/.cache/” for other issues, for example for Cycles user own kernel compilations for users who have built their own Blender.

If you are interested you can configure it manually in Blender by pointing to “~/.local/share/Trash/files/”. But on some Distros (mainly using GNOME) it is possible to configure more than one location/partitions for Trash, so it would be nice if Blender could use System Trash instead of a fixed location.