Left click select keymap


but where is the box select with this?, this means you’ll have to exit the tweak mode to be able to do it!!! like i said in maya you get the gizmos and box select on left click and tweak mode in MMB removing any need for more clicks except for activiating the tool.


Tweaking is always done with the transform/modeling tools, not the selection tools. I perform box selection either with a sticky key or the space bar as it toggles between my last tool and the box selection tool. I’m not a fan of tweaking with the MMB. But this is all up to the user, as you can easily customize everything. We just need the functionality.


Hi William, is this going to be fixed in Beta Release ?


@Bintang, not likely, it worked the same in 2.7. Box select works based on vertices, making it work on edges in edge mode would be a good improvement but is more than a bugfix.


Hi @brecht I Make a gif comparison between how it works in 2.7 and 2.8 latest build.

EDIT : Gif seem to be lowres, so I upload a video on youtube here


I also noticed that selecting edge using Lasso Select in 2.8 works just like in 2.7, but Box select seem to be different.



As a left-clicker I’m very pleased with more LMB click support in 2.8, thank you for that.

The following has probably been discussed earlier in this long thread, so sorry in advance for that.

In the current LMB select implementation I dearly miss the following:

  • Being able to left-click select and drag an object, vertex, edge or face in one go.

  • Being able to deselect by clicking in empty space.


:point_right: A wonderful discussion happened about it.

This is a must have. Not sure why it’s not available already, maybe there’s some technical issues we don’t know about.


Yes, I also completely agree with you. We just need the functionality and ability to set any key for this functions with ability to chose will it be sticky key, or click outside the selection, or inside, or click’n’drag and so on… Then we can adapt blender to whatever we want. I also find most of c4d’s workflows and ways how the tools works are super easy and intuitive (Maxon made huge work for convenient instruments). I’ve tried to change some Blender’s hotkeys about selections and navigations and realized that there is so many hidden problems and lack of abilities. You can’t do whatever you want.
Maybe instead of finding the best solution for keymap that will be good for everyone, we need to make ability to customize our blender even more than now? Or just someone among developers, who will test how all things works in other softwares, coz sometimes there is already good solutions and no needs to reinvent a wheel.


with bigger functionality of easy customizing blender keymaps and tools (fo example set the gizmo active after selection) we can make another call for content and everyone could make their own ways how everything works in Blender. I definitely would like to make my own keymap and tools settings, that will combine best parts of Blender and C4D.
Also would be so good if Blender warn you when you set hotkey that conflict with other tools.

  • I’m not the native english speaker, but I’m pretty sure that extend and expand it’s synonyms and it makes no sense for me why one of them adding to selection and second for deselection. I understood the diference coz I already know what those hotkeys do, but how can I guess which one I should use when I setting my new hotkey for other tools?


Good suggest! I hope they will consider this idea because it should improve a lot the timeline work


There was indeed a bug here, fixed now:


Sorry, I meant to post here.

What do you think about making double click on the center of a poly perform the Select Linked command.
I just found out that if I double click on the sides of a poly it performs the loop selection in that direction, which is perfect. But if I double click in the center of the poly it just selects the poly as if it was a single click.
Can we take advantage of this event?
I kinda miss this feature from other apps.

Keymaps feedback

How about having the RMB click + drag to lasso/box select?

You can keep the context menu on RMB click release, and then you can use CTRL + lasso to deselect and SHIFT + lasso to add to selection.

BTW, if you use CTRL + RMB to lasso select, if you do it on empty space it won’t deselect all. This works on the lasso tool with LMB + drag on empty space.

All of these changes would be to keep it consistent. Right now as it is with LMB select, the CTRL + RMB lasso select behaves differently than the LMB lasso tool select.

The 3d Cursor could use another shortcut too, you wouldn’t be able to set it with shift + RMB drag anymore if the above changes were made.


Great idea…


Awesome ! Thank you @brecht. This is the beauty of all of this, we feel like we have our own developer in the studio. :blush:
Now I can safely talk to my colleague that it was indeed a bug and it’s fixed, because they were keeping mad at me for this edge box select.


well i guess it’s up to devs to see how it should fit in both cases they should work well because adding another tool to the tool box will make quick switching the list much more harder.


If I use the left mouse button in Blender. Then I can’t select the vertices that are hidden behind the manipulator (see the picture).


In 3Ds max I can select these vertices by simply clicking on them. The manipulator does not interfere with the selection of vertices. Only when I click and drag, holding the handle of the manipulator, only then I move the manipulator. With a single click, I simply select vertices.
If in the Blender settings I switched to the right mouse button, and then again to the left. Then Blender can work just like a 3ds max.
sorry for my English

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This is the same behaviour in Maya, this is one of reason using right click to select is the way Blender handle such case. Though I really like left click select now, it seem you can just zoom in and out to select those vertices.


The difference with maya is that you can move on axis without the manipulator.