Left click select keymap

If I use the left mouse button in Blender. Then I can’t select the vertices that are hidden behind the manipulator (see the picture).


In 3Ds max I can select these vertices by simply clicking on them. The manipulator does not interfere with the selection of vertices. Only when I click and drag, holding the handle of the manipulator, only then I move the manipulator. With a single click, I simply select vertices.
If in the Blender settings I switched to the right mouse button, and then again to the left. Then Blender can work just like a 3ds max.
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This is the same behaviour in Maya, this is one of reason using right click to select is the way Blender handle such case. Though I really like left click select now, it seem you can just zoom in and out to select those vertices.

The difference with maya is that you can move on axis without the manipulator.


I mean Blender should work with Left click like 3ds max works, as I described. If the manipulator prevents the selection of the vertex, then:
single click - selection of the vertex
click and drag the handle of the manipulator - move the manipulator
And the problem is solved.
If in the Blender settings I switched to the right mouse button, and then again to the left, then Blender work in that way, just try.
sorry for my English

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I think better to not change to right click from now on, I using right click for years, but now decided to make use of left click in Blender after 2.8, using left click you can zoom in and out to select the vertex right ? that’s the way I did in Maya. I believe the manipulator won’t cover those vertices anymore.

I think, Selection and Movement are the two most basic actions. They should work as easily and quickly as possible. If you need to additionally use another mouse button, zoom in/out, hide/unhide the manipulator
or use other hotkeys - this is not a simplification or acceleration, it is a slowdown and complication.
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sorry for my english

So what solution do you propose? It’s not an easy problem to solve in any software. Blender solved it by making the entire keymap right mouse button centric, but given how well is the new left mouse button based keymap received, the RMB-centric workflow did more damage than good.

The most straightforward solution is simply switch to select tool temporarily, if you encounter this issue, and then once selection is done, switch back to move tool. Yes, it’s two additional hotkey presses, but this situation doesn’t happen that often, so it probably won’t attribute to more than minute a day, if you work 8 hour shit.

I think the main problem with the LMB keymap right now is that the GRS hotekys still use the old transform tools. New transform tools from the new tool system are very awkwardly hidden under a weird space+hotkey combinations, making a simple task of switching between new transform tools and the select tool a lot more daunting than it needs to be.

The spacebar menu is IMHO the biggest ergonomic mistake of the new LMB keymap. I introduces sort of schyzophrenia between new and old tools, as well as modes of same tools (the ones activated through hotkeys do not come with gizmos while ones from the spacebar menu do)

Hi guys,
I’ve question regarding the manipulator tool in 2.8, is there any plan to join it with Box Select ? I think in Blender 2.7 you can do this by modifying the input keymap and still mantaining the Manipulator. I made a video comparison between 2.7 and 2.8
Apologize if there any identical topic about this, I couldn’t find it in this site.


Bintang, Yes, this is how 3ds max works too. And I hope that Blender also will.
Selection\deselection with a click, box selection\box deselection must work together with tools (move, rotate, bevel, extrud, inset etc.) without additional hotkeys and switchings between them.
Rawalanche, I described the solution to the problem with the left mouse button with several posts above.
Bintang, I little disagree with the fact that hotkeys are always faster. It is not always so.
For example, pressing G> Shift + Z> Drag - is no faster than just clicking and drag on the manipulator between X and Y axes. There are a lot of similar examples.
I suggest not to make a discussion here


I would love to see this could also work in Blender, in some cases it will be helpful, but if you want, you can try to get used to use G then Axis (X,Y,Z) though.
Once you get used to that I believe you will be faster working with Blender, I used 3dx max and Maya a lot before, and using gizmo somehow made me feel a bit slow compare to Blender. So almost my entire work I almost never touch manipulator in Blender :sweat_smile: but for some reason I love to see this coming to Blender, it will make introducing Blender so much easier to new comers.


The new Select tool seem to have a bug when using Left click on viewing mesh from overlapping angle, please see below, it works fine on Right click btw.

It is possible to make the selection active?



On the 27X hotkey layout the “Extra Shading Pie Menu Items” setting is not accessible, moreover in the 3D view on missclick deselection does not occour. (It works fine with the 2.8 layout) I hope these problems will get resolved when the beta comes out.

Well, if you set Blender to use the 2.7x behaviour, then those things are (obviously) not relevant.


It’s already been fixed by @brecht

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Yes this is a known problem with the box select tool. It’s very easy to make the active item deselected, which is not a useful state to be in.

The problem is, how to resolve this? Which item becomes active then?

If more than one object is selected > one of them, we don’t care which one
if only on object is selected > make it active

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This made my day



Click and drag in an empty area should always have box selection (in almost all editors that are useful), or at least add as drag action -> box selection.

In Maya we use MMB drag to drag from any part of the viewport maybe you can emulate this behavior with Right click and drag.

Move the head of the timeline should be with LCS

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