Left click select keymap


I honnesly don’t see the issue since it’s a box selection.


The last Object whose Origin will be covered by the selection border. Easy to say, I know…


Well, the issue is obvious: In Blender there’s the concept of an active object, and it’s not completely deterministic which object becomes active then. I’m not saying you are wrong and it should not be done, but this is the problem.


Like jendrzych said, active the first or the last on the list.


I can understand that some people preffer F3, but for me search is a primary hotkey that I used everytime to search other commands and to remember commands.


It could be customizable - Inkscape does it in such manner.


It’s a problem, but solution from Wazou appear to be more natural that don’t change the active object. Maybe to change the active object when you do a box selection to multiple objects is not good, but, that it doesn’t change when the box selection is only one object…


On the list? What list? You mean the one that is closest to the cursor when you release, after each box selection?


Don’t know how it is in C, but in Python, you can make a list of a selection, in that case, you can make the first of the list active. [0]

But yes, you can also make the one closer of the cursor active too.
The important thing is to have one object active.
If not, you need to select one after and that makes 2 clicks for one selection.


Someone already proposed that, but why not make the pan on MMB to keep consistancy?


That’s one of the native blender features that I actually like. Rotation is done more often than panning, so not using hotkeys for this is good.


I also like it, but I can live with the pan instead.
It’s really hard to pass from fusion to blender for example.
It’s more logical and 2.8 needs to be logical IMO.


This is something for the “compatible keymap” I guess.
Or they can make a “preference” like they are doing lately, to toggle between rotation/pan.


Blender works better with rotation in the MMB, the sculpt also works better with that configuration than other programs like Zbrush.


Triyng to follow the whole discussion, I’m a bit lost, so I’d like to ask wether
anything has being changed for RCS setting (which I still prefer) ?


Nothing changed for you :wink:


Breaking news :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Nice christmas gift…


I read this , but it doesn’t answer my question. I just compiled the newest version and yes RCS seem to work in basic operations but to save time testing everything I just wanted to ask if there are ANY differences.
Brecht says “… we continue support”, but that’s not a precise statement regarding possible changes


ahh I just oversaw your post. good news so far …


Just tried the new build after hearing about the new Left Click and as someone that loves Blender and uses left click, I really don’t want to be forced into the industry standard setup with totally different hotkeys and behavior.

All I want is normal Blender 2.8 hotkeys as a base but with the clicks inverted.

Seems like Left Click and “Industry Standard” have been bundled together into one option assuming that everyone that wants one must want the other which I definitely don’t.

The only way to kind of make it happen is to choose the 2.7x keymap but then you lose out on the 2.8 improvements like clicking empty space to deselect and double clicking edge loops.
Also some of those new options like what to do with spacebar seem to vanish when you pick 2.7x

Can we get a checkbox/toggle for “Give me Blender/Standard keys” when Left Click is chosen?
Don’t care what state it defaults to but having the option would be appreciated.