Interactive CAD


i watched a video for a new free CAD tool built for iPad specifically and called (shapr3d) … then i thought we might have even something more better for blender specially with its new UI in 2.8 ,
how about integrating CAD modeling as a basic hard surface modeling layout , but with few differences from other CAD or traditional modeling :slight_smile:

  • its totally based on curves … which we might use later to build a node system like “grasshoper” in interactive mode … and build a huge library of only curves and nodes with parametric modeling …
    it’s much easy and fast to control with curves like in CAD software than traditional tools…

-if there are some UI tools it have to be interactive on the 3d view, without the need to do 2d sketches first … this way is much faster and u may see that in shapr3d app already …

  • with the ability to create new tools and extensions require it to have a default layout, instead of general one we can replace it with this actually …

  • that will make a huge difference with blender for all 3d users … :slight_smile:

Discussions for "Better snapping and precision modeling" (to come)

is this?


yes … and here is the link to there fb :slight_smile:


by an opinion from a cad modeller, what about … the approach adopted in this software is even simpler and immediate and revolutionary than moi 3d … very intriguing …

blender with this approach would be an atomic bomb


glad to have your attention … hope that some of the developers agree with us :slight_smile:


that’s what i like to see in 3D modeling tools, everything at your finger-tips, very intuitive.


Most CAD programs like shap3r and SolidWorks use Parametric Modeling, which works completely different from the mesh-based workflow in Blender. I would love some more CAD-friendly features, but the mesh-based workflow is more appropriate to the sort of artistic work that the devs prioritize.


actually most complicated hard surface modeling that include decorations and so … are made inside of rhino (CAD software ) … used by artists the most …


Blender don’t use these types of surfaces, but could be great to have it someday.


It’s not about the type of surface but about the philosophy, tools accesibility and overall easyness of use.


Well, if I remember this type of surfaces are nurbs or similar. You cannot do this type of operations/accesibility without the surface.


Youre partially right, but look at Sketchup - it’s not a surface modeler, but the paradigm is similar and lets you make concept hard surface models faster and with more precision than you’re able with Blender.


I will try sketchup, but maybe implement this phylosophy are more complex that implement surfaces tools? and Ton is against that blender have cad tools.


There were scripts that made some of Sketchup functionality avaliable in Blender 2.7x. I hope they’ll be ported to 2.8x when it gets official release. The Destructive Extrude is a must-have!


it is in a large part a work of Boolean operations with a more interactive approach of using visual tools it is not necessary to use nurbs …


I don’t see how to mix all that options with the actual paradigm in blender. Maybe with modifiers or nodes…


maybe with everything nodes will be more easier to assemble in instruments like this … at the code level


its not heavy at all with the suitable optimization … try rhino … its runs smoothly with a ton of building even on low end devices …also shapr3d is made for iPad … not a mac or a PC … and it can handle BIM smoothly …
it actually might be more efficient than surface for render … and view-port of course …


I talked about the work to implement, not the perfomance.


i think it should has its own layout room … by the way its control point curves not NURBS curves