Interactive CAD


I imagine some developer reading what we say and doing a facepalm. I don’t think it’s viable, and they don’t think about it in any way. Which is a shame because it would also help a lot to import CAD models and blender a whole world.

But well, we already know that blender has quite forgotten the whole part of modeling/sculpting for years.


they were focusing more in eevee , but after its done may be they will pay more attention to modeling now … i hope …


I’d also like that blender have more Cad friendly features


like what ?.. the features u mean ?


A more precise way of modeling in general… I could found tons of idea


Better, more flexible and more complex snaping with possibility to mix targets (edges + verts) and ability to snap to midpoints, angles, perpendicular etc. Modeling tools that allow fast, precise and straightforward work - destructive edge offset (offseted edge/s changes geometry of the mesh), destructive extrude, more precise knife with snaping that actually works (see above), guide lines and so on…
Nothing fancy, just industry standards.


its like a mix between CAD tools and traditional blender tools … since its CAD on the 3d directly … ya we might need that … good thinking …


Id ne really happy with a better snap setting , precise move and rotate snap tools


But that is other problem, blender doesn’t have a great snapping system in general.


thats why it should be build up from the beginning this new system … and has a separate room …


I think that after the functions of blender 2.80 - 2.81- 2.82- 2.83 …
will have become solid, this area on cad and the tools that relate to the precise modeling, could be the area where to invest more, I also think about the fact that the world of 3D printing, and the making of the new generation domestic diy will be much more solid and people will increasingly ask for the implementation of these tools … it will probably also be a type of tools where people will be more willing to donate to developers .
this is the future…


Not gonna lie, Nurbs modelling in Blender is my dream.


Yes i would love to have additional cad like objects and tools - with the ability to convert to mesh. Especially now when 3d printing gets more popular. Tried to use blender for my 3d print models and it works for simple models. With more complex ones it’s really hard to keep the precision. So just for that i ended up with a different software. Would love to do that someday efficiently in blender :slight_smile:


its also a step toward the “everything node” system blender intends to implant …


actually the conversion should be done automatically when switching to other rooms … some thing like in 3d coat …
and nodal system should be more intuitive and easy than “Rhino grasshopper” node system which require advanced math to do a very complex models …
and a fixed separate layout for this system is also preferable …


i actually had a better idea in mind if this is going to be implemented by blender or as an add-in which i am considering creating it myself … here is what i am thinking :slight_smile:

*** the system will be based on drawing completely … with only 2 panels …**
*** one panel for viewing the 3d result only.**
*** the other for drawing …**
*** after drawing we use another drawing to give the third dimension to part of the mesh.**
*** colors will be used for sculpting in the drawing area … and the result will be live in the other panel …**
*** we can easily join mesh parts … with or without constrains.**
*** we can join mesh with another.**
*** automatic way for giving the third dimension …**
but i think blender drawing tools should be improved first …
*** the implementation might be in the 2d template from file --> new – menu item.**