GSOC 2024: UV Stitching Improvements

Hello Everyone,

I’m Anish Bharadwaj, and I will be working on the UV stitch tool for GSOC 2024. The goal of this projects is to develop tools that will allow Blender users to have greater control over UVs, enabling more complex merging and manipulation operations.

If you would like to view my complete proposal you can see it at this link here.


The project focuses on enhancing UV mapping workflows by introducing a user-friendly weld-seams utility for efficient UV island merging, drawing inspiration from community suggestions. It will further develop an advanced welding operation that adjusts surrounding geometry to reduce distortion, alongside exploring sophisticated fitting techniques for improved accuracy. Additionally, the initiative will broaden its toolset to include specialized welding tools for both shared vertex and arbitrary island merging, aiming to streamline and refine the UV mapping process for users.


This project aims to significantly enhance Blender’s UV mapping capabilities by providing a suite of tools that streamline and improve the efficiency and precision of UV mapping tasks. With a user-friendly weld-seams utility and advanced operations to minimize distortion, the project targets a future where fully merging UV islands is intuitive and seamless. While the ultimate goal is to automate this process comprehensively, the current focus on sophisticated fitting techniques and specialized welding tools ensures substantial immediate benefits. Even if the project’s timeline doesn’t allow the full realization of automatic UV island merging, the developed tools will offer valuable, albeit more hands-on, methods for users to achieve their desired outcomes. This approach not only provides immediate improvements to UV mapping workflows but also lays the groundwork for reaching the eventual solution.


  • Develop Weld-Seams Utility
    • User defined Merge by Distance Parameter
    • User defined SubSeam Selection Parameter
  • Explore Distortion Minimization Techniques
  • Implement Geometry Deformation Tool
    • Introduce ability to Weld non-connected geometry
  • Write Developer & User Documentation