GSOC 2023: UV Editor Improvements

Hi, I’m Melissa! I’ll be working on some improvements to the UV editor and using this topic to post updates. I’m a newcomer to both open source and to Blender, but I’m excited to contribute to a program that makes art accessible to everyone! Parts of my proposal are included below, but you can find my full proposal here: GSOC 2023: UV Editor Improvements.

Feedback topic: UV Editor Improvements Feedback/Suggestions


The goal of this project is to implement user-suggested improvements to the UV Editor tools in order to help users create UV maps more easily. The main focus of the project would be incorporating more Mesh Edit tools into the 2d UV Editor such as Edge Slide, adding optional visible outlines to the UV islands as well as including the number of vertices removed by the Merge by Distance operator. Additionally, other small features that improve the user experience may be worked on if time allows.


The addition of more of the pre-existing Mesh Edit tools to the UV Editor would allow users to manipulate UV maps more quickly and easily, improving the UV Editing workflow overall. Adding optional outlines to UV islands allows users to easily distinguish between islands boosting productivity. Furthermore, including the number of vertices removed simply extends the pre-existing functionality, providing convenient information especially for users working with high polygon meshes in the UV Editor. Ultimately, the project would introduce multiple quality of life improvements to the UV Editor.


  • Adding Edge slide to the UV Editor
  • Adding visible outlines to UV islands
  • Create popup for number of vertices removed when Merge by Distance is applied to UV map
  • Potential additional tasks:
    • Adding other Mesh Edit tools to the UV editor as suggested by the community
    • Other features based on community suggestions
  • End-user documentation

Report Week 1

After discussing with my mentor, we decided to re-order the tasks, starting out with the easier ones. As the creating popup for Merge by Distance would be more complicated than initially expected, we decided to begin by adding Select Random to the UV editor. Overall, last week consisted of:

  • Looking through and trying to understand uv_remove_doubles_to_selected in
  • Looking at the select random operator in as well as overall to figure out how to implement Select Random for UVs
  • Implementing Select Random (incomplete as sync selection is unsupported) and pushing the changes to this branch.

Goals for this week:

  • Complete the Select Random feature
  • Begin the next task after a discussion with my mentor