14 August 2023

14 August 2023
Notes for weekly communication of ongoing projects and modules.

Modules & Projects

New Features and Changes


  • Generic Attributes Support (commit) (Charles Wardlaw)
  • Add export support for invoking Python chasers (commit) (Michael Kowalski)
  • Hydra
    • Export USD preview surface for materials (commit) (Brecht Van Lommel)


  • Previews
    • Add node previews in the shader editor as an experimental feature (commit) (Colin Marmond)
    • Hide the node preview button when the overlays are disabled (commit) (Colin Marmond)
    • Add ability to preview shader output nodes (AOV, group, material) (commit) (Colin Marmond)
    • Use flat previews for shader nodes by default (commit) (Colin Marmond)
    • Stop the shader preview job when changing the viewed nodetree (commit) (Colin Marmond)
  • Add “Floored Modulo” mode to Math nodes (commit) (Hoshinova)

Vertex Paint

  • Add option to lock alpha for ‘Set Vertex Colors’ (commit) (Philipp Oeser)

User Interface

  • Update industry compatible keymap for consistency (commit) (Julien Kaspar)
  • Right align slider unit text (commit) (Christoph Lendenfeld)


  • Rework component layering in Principled BSDF (commit) (Lukas Stockner)


  • Blend To Ease Slider (commit) (Christoph Lendenfeld)
  • Blend Offset Slider (commit) (Christoph Lendenfeld)
  • Improve FCurve drawing performance (commit) (Christoph Lendenfeld)

Grease Pencil V3

  • Allow buttons for child nodes to be inactive (commit) (Falk David)
  • Animation
    • Display layer properties in animation channels (commit) (Amelie Fondevilla)
    • Transform action for grease pencil frames (commit) (Amelie Fondevilla)
    • Include summary and datablock keyframes in the grease pencil dopesheet (commit) (Amelie Fondevilla)
    • Include other channel selection modes (commit) (Pratik Borhade)

Geometry Nodes

  • Don’t delete parent simulation bake directory (commit) (Falk David)

Library Overrides

  • Add ID pointer to operations over ID pointers (commit) (Bastien Montagne)
  • Remove an override property when it has no operations (commit) (Bastien Montagne)

Color Management

  • Add and rename colorspaces (commit) (Zijun Zhou)
  • Improve no-op color space detection (commit) (Sergey Sharybin)
  • Refactor OCIO config to be CIE XYZ I-E based (commit) (Zijun Zhou)


  • macOS
    • Enable support for EDR rendering (commit) (Jason Fielder)
  • Remove compatibility code for blendfiles from early 2.80 development (commit) (Bastien Montagne)

Video Sequence Editor

  • Improve drawing of strip title and preview (commit) (Richard Antalik)


  • Irradiance pool size (commit) (Clément Foucault)
  • Irradiance grid compositing (commit) (Clément Foucault)

Python API

  • Add preferences.filepaths.extension_repos.new/remove methods (commit) (Campbell Barton)
  • Support passing None to imbuf.load(…) for consistency (commit) (Campbell Barton)
  • Add-on name-spacing for extension repositories (commit) (Campbell Barton)

Weekly Reports

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