GSoC 2021: Knife Tool Improvements: Weekly Reports

Here I will be posting weekly updates about my progress on implementing the various knife tool improvements outlined in my project proposal.

If you want to share feedback you have about my project checkout the feedback thread.

Until June 7th

In the weeks running up to my official project start I have completed the following:

  • Met with my mentor (Howard Trickey)
  • Ported my proposal over to the wiki
  • Continued studying knife tool related code to gain a better understanding of how to implement my proposal plans
  • Created weekly reports post and feedback post

For the rest of this period I intend to:

  • Interact with community feedback about my project
  • Create soc-2021-knife-tools branch
  • Further experiment with the code and potentially create some minor patches

Week of June 7th - 13th

The branch soc-2021-knife-tools has been created and I have spent the past week implementing the following features:

  • Constrained Angle Mode Improvements
    • New setting to control snapping angle increment
    • Number key input also works for quickly setting the increment
  • Orientation Locking
    • Pressing X,Y or Z will restrict the current knife tool cut to the corresponding dimension in global orientation (toggle cut-through moved from ‘Z’ to ‘T’)
    • Pressing the same key again will restrict to local orientation
    • Scene orientation setting takes priority over this if any orientation except global is selected. This provides support for custom orientations or others such as gimbal and normal.

Lastly I spent a short while looking into code for next week’s plans. Specifically relating to visible distance and angle measurements for the knife tool.




Global Orientation Snapping

Toggling between Global and Local Orientation Snapping