Ctrl + Tab for Mesh Select Mode

Ctrl + Tab for changing Mesh Select Mode is something I use so much. Changing workspaces is done less often. I would imagine that this is the case for most users?

It’s very immediate as ctrl and tab are used so much in Blender, so the fingers are hovering there anyway.

Using 1, 2, 3 seems a bit slower as the hand has to shift from the index finger and thumb, lift up, then press the numbers, most probably with the middle finger as it’s a bit ergonomically further for the index finger.

I’m aware that this is some deep nitpicking and probably just a case of gaining new muscle memory. But thought it was worth mentioning.


I think it would not hurt, I dont mind the 123 for selection modes tho.

It was just really odd 123456… for changing object modes.

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Better use apostrophe “~” button instead of ctrl+tab, so modes are switched as ~1 ~2 and ~3 - much faster.
Turning all layers stands for shift+~

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I too would be very appreciative if Ctrl+Tab for Mesh select mode would be brought back. I use it so damn often and its so convenient. Numbers work but it doesnt feel as intuitive. Heres hoping its restored!

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You can try my addon for the moment.

Other option is:
in the blender spash screen there is a dropdown to select 2.7x although I personally believe it is not the best solution to a problem created without an apparent logical weight reason.

with this preset we still don’t have the expected behavior of the z key, with my addon, yeah.

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My addon has stopped working, I think I’ll have to wait until the changes are over, otherwise I’ll have to rewrite my addon every day.

It seems to have gotten worse on the July 5th release…

On the July 3rd release we had the ability to press “Tab” to switch from object to edit mode and we could hold down “Tab” and move the mouse to bring up the pie menu. Now, we can’t press and hold “Tab” and move mouse to bring up the pie menu, it just switches from Object to Edit mode. Now we NEED to use Ctrl+Tab to bring up the pie menu. This is starting to feel like we’re moving backwards in ease of use.

Heres hoping we get some fix to this.


I dont like “ctrl+tab” thing too. Hold and move for pie menu to select mode was better option (like for camera views). Yet I don’t mind 123.

btw, do you know how do deselect selection? (A doesn’t work)

For deselect press Alt + a

Thank you


Should we use any complicated shortcuts for such simple (and fast) action? Shortcut like this makes it slow.
(If nothing else, we could just click to viewport to deselect)


I don’t explain that decision to myself either, I find it less practical.

So after overreacting on Twitter and creating a mini shit storm, I got the reason why the change and it kinda makes sense. So here it is…


Thank you for your effort :slight_smile:

Lets just hope, it won’t be too slow for low poly meshes

Still, I have bigger issue with CTRL + TAB to select interactive mode. It is confusing (especially for begginers) to have TAB for Edit mode/Object mode and then use CTRL + TAB for other interactive modes

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Yeah, thats the one that make less sense but they refuse to set back to normal.

Well I guess I will be the dissenter here…
I liked Tab to switch back and forth from Object>Edit mode and Ctrl+Tab to switch to other modes.
But that is because I usually don’t change nearly as frequently to any other mode as I do changing from Object to Edit… so I do indeed prefer the most responsive Tab (the reason for the change was sluggishness due to Pie Menu integrated to the same key) and don’t care too much about using a modifier key to change to another mode, since it’s not so frequent.
And I’ll take a wild guess here and assume mesh modelling (which requires object/edit modes much more than any other mode) is indeed the most used functionality of blender…second place would be pose/object mode changes which is the case for animators/riggers. Even sculptors or texture painters don’t switch that frequently and that’s why complaints about Tab exclusivity for Object>Edit toggle were very rare until now, if even there were any. After all the pie addon has been there for anyone who prefers it.


I’m glad I found this here. I found this to be my biggest problem with the new key bindings. I don’t mind hotkeys changing, but making 1 hotkey turn into 3 hotkeys is a big problem for my workflow and the workflow of my co-workers.
If it has to be changed can we still have a hot key that allows us to switch between the selection types with one button as well? I switch between those far more often than I switch between texture paint, weight paint, sculpt, etc…
I think a solution for this might be to have a left/right-click menu to switch between them, and use alt+left/right-click to move the 3D cursor.

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I agree, there definitely is a loose hierarchy of key priorities. Changing selection types is fundamental. Object mode to edit mode is fundamental. Very immediate in 2.79. But 2.8 is so impressive overall, it definitely feels like nitpicking to go on about this. Important though.

I disagree that it’s nitpicking. Just because the new blender is becoming very impressive doesn’t mean that it should sacrifice a quick workflow. You said yourself that changing the selection types is fundamental. It’s important for us to discuss issues we have with changes so that the devs can make a proper decision based on the community feedback. I’m very happy with Blender 2.8 overall, this is just a change that I really dislike and feel it is important to discuss.


Well this change sucks for me, because I have a tenkeyless keyboard and I use the Emulate Numpad feature, which when turned on overwrites the new 1 2 3 shortcuts. Having Ctrl+Tab available was awesome, now I’ll have to find a new way to do this, because I can promise you I won’t be clicking the Vertex/Edge/Face icons (I have poor mouse accuracy). If anyone has any suggestions on how to bypass this behavior on a tenkeyless please reply. Thanks.


personally i think the whole modes system needs a revamp ,like selection and deselection should be done with the mouse buttons and switching between modes should be seamless for example the vert/edge/face icons should be displayed all the time and clicking one of them will make you enter edit mode and if you click it a second time it takes you back to object mode and it will even make the text jumping less obvious.
all this will free tab which can be then used for the pie menu.